All right, we're checking out the only game where the worst trap I ever found was how much you guys enjoy torturing me. It's GTA. We wanted to see which GTA car could do with the most elaborate traps. So now I'm dealing with the tag team of both Alex and Pete, who are put together the new most ridiculous board they've ever made this multiple sections, each with traps more ridiculous than the next and Alex strain upset. I get to use every vehicle infinite times because he's not even sure I can beat it. Let's do this. Welcome to challenge number one, squeeze him to appease him any time. Are you kidding me right now. When I was trying to say before. Apparently I just learned that he put a big floor here is that anytime Alex tells me I get to use the vehicles an unlimited amount of times I get really concerned because that means that the board is going to be especially painful. So the first traps that we are dealing with here are obviously honey be inspired hydraulic presses great. Now you may be asking yourself, why are you using your Canadian. Oh my God, the Canadian van. I thought I would get it out of the way. All right. I'm not messing around anymore. We're getting maximum speed for this. I've timed it perfectly and I also well, I got part of the way there. I also have some hydraulic so I can bounce a little bit over the fake pit that he made now I'm just going to back up. Get the total amount of distance I can and then the second I see this thing go up actually I need a time at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and yeah 6. No, so I get about 6 seconds before I can try and shove my way through it. All right, you know, I could just tank it. I could just tank the damage that we've got a real problem here. I'm starting to run out of van because it's slowly being compacted into a cube of sadness. Yes, this fan is indeed bleeding maple syrup. Yes. Well, I guess I'll just all of my dad now. Yeah. Well. That may have been a terrible idea. Okay. You know what. Obviously a big car is not going to manage this. So we're going to go with a small can I just cheat this, hold on. I did I did to see something screw you, Alex and petty. You think the two of you can stop me from cheating everything. You must be crazy. All right. Oh, yeah. Oh, this is great. Oh, I always knew that the bumper car is one of the best ones for stupid horns like this. Now in general, I imagine they're going to put something in front of me that there's nothing I can do with this with this little this little. Oh my God. Oh, I just pumped out the other side, you know what. I'm going to count it now. Unfortunately we seem to be spewing out a little bit of black smoke. I'm not really sure I'm as damaged as engine and take I'm going to wind this up and then we're going to right around the corner because the corner over here just has the Tut, yes. He he just has it. Oh my God. What is no. Not again, leave it to me to get just. Leave it to me to just get a little bit comfortable and immediately I am punished for my comfort. Like my blood pressure goes down just a little bit and Alex knows he's like. Ah, you know what would be great here. In instance, where Greg gets to fall down the nothingness I can't trust either of you can I I mean, I guess that's that's not really a question I should be asking myself all right, go around the side about that. Is that OK then I make it. I made it right. You're going to do it to me again. All right, let me check something. All right, so that's where the floor is missing. Is it is there more floor missing or am I allowed to go, oh boy. So this is a pretty decent jump. Ah. And on top of that, I need to jump this without getting. Patty caked so to speak. Okay, so we're going to go back. We're going to get as much speed as possible and. You're fine. You're not really fine. I'm disappointed in myself and I'm disappointed in the bumper car, so we're taking the tank. Did you upgrade the tank to jump Alex. You did not upgrade the tank to jump. Why why are you making me do things, well, you know what, maybe I can just take like, you know. This is an actual tank, so maybe this can tank the damage. Oh yeah. Oh, this is fine. I can just squeeze through this, like it's no big deal. Boom one shot first try. All right, we're gonna do it again. I might squeeze a little bit to the left. Or should I just do it straight on. Yeah, look, it's on the left. Oh, this is awesome. This can just take the hydraulics, give it to me. I love it. We're going to time it we're gonna punch it and that's how easy it is. No big deal. Now the problem is this piece and the other thing is I think this thing is so wide. Ah the. The missing floor piece doesn't even matter like it's so wide that as long as part of my tread gets over the. Gets over the other side of the missing floor piece that can't even drop me. Now it might just be me, but this one seems to be moving a lot faster than the last one. So. God. Oh, whoa. I have been there. What is this. It was like a telephone on the bottom of the back. It's fine. Like I said. I could just I could just punch my way through most of the problems out of the. Boom, first try. Okay, now this is the 1 I have a little bit of trouble with, but it's okay as long as we. Time it. Not again, just go great, just go just go, just go, just don't stop, don't stop. Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop, don't stop. I kind of a little bit of a fall start there and now, yeah, here we go, emergency. The windmill farm tracks. Ah well, I kind of figured the windmills would be making an appearance. Was this guy just standing in the smoke, breathing in demon smoke over here? Sorry, man, maybe this will help you out. It's better if you get run over by the tank, I hate to know what's happening to the inside of your lung cavities right now right now I can tell somewhere beneath this smoke. Is some sort of demonic windmill situation going on that clumps. I may have to jump this. And. What. Could fix the landing doing good. 

Yes, back to the emergency trap. This time I'm not going to fall for the same trick twice. We're going to try and head on and do this. And where's this one? OK. So if I go first person, I can see the windmill ahead of me over here. So basically I have to either pick the right or the left, so we're going to pick the left. Bamp got it and straight through this. Wind turbine is this just a plain plain old wind turbine. This looks like a poem. My God, there's another one in the ground that was close, but all right, so. How I dodged a lot of. Isn't spinning. Did you put it lecture right hand forward to back on some kind of timer or something, this board is going to be the death of me. We're going for the pink. It looks good. It's fast. It can go off road, it can climb over, it can climb over planes and stuff should. Oh, full front flip. Oh, now it's already got some dirt to it, which means it's great for me. You may say to yourself, great. How are the hydraulic presses doing, not good. Not good, not having a great time. You may notice that the actual frame of my car is glitching out. It is bending in half. This has been my life in this thing. I am now on fire. It is on fire. I am about to burn alive. Let me out of this unending torture. Oh. Sticks the landing looking for the car. That said, we're not doing this. I know I know grey. Are you taking 30 minutes to take a vehicle off the edge of a board again. Yep, sure am now you don't seem to understand. I am prepared to spend as much time as it takes when vehicles fail me like this. Let me have this. Yes. Die. Okay. Wasteland. I think you all know how many different tests. The wastelander. Has completed. It is invincible, it has limitless speed. Its ability to just straight up climb things. It shows almost fell down the hole here. I literally always, oh my gosh, yeah. I can climb the hydraulic presses. Oh yeah, this is happening right now. This is the thing that's totally. Bring it. Aye. And. Ah. And. Ah. AHA, all the way slaughter is so good. Italy deep. Ah. That's what I think of your hydraulic presses. So now we've got the crushers, right. So the second these things close, I go and then we're just going to go we're going to go we're going to okay, me and I thought I could make it through their own and kind of they're kind of off set off kilter a little bit here. That's all right, dumb so wide. That the vehicle can just make it from one side to the other, like even if the tail end gets crushed at the wastelander, it really doesn't hurt emergency windmill. OK, I need to watch out for the windmill on the left hand side, so we're going to go way over to the left. Oh, we're going to go way over to the left. There now we can this one is weird because these these ones, I don't know if they're on some kind of O. Please don't please don't don't do it. I hate you. For the love of all that's holy. I just want to what is that in the background for those for those pool balls look like flying pool balls, just kind of pool balling around. So the last time I got slapped in the backside by whatever's back there. So I'm yeah right there. I almost got hit by it again. So now we're going to, oh, this one's this one's skimming the ground. So let's try and go up on the left. There we go. Perfect scrape along the side of the wing and there's a jet just buried into the side of a commercial plane. Sure, now we're going to get as close as possible. Oh my God, no, no. Never gonna give up. I don't care. I don't care what it takes. We're going to get past this. I'm thinking about giving up and not life and I feel like why. What would possess the two of you to work together to make this. All right, I don't think I can mess around anymore. I'm pretty sure this crawler might be the only thing that I can make it. Because this board is absolutely oh my God is absolutely ridiculous and we're not even at the halfway point. Let me see if I can. Please God, I hate you. This is fun. Everything's fine. Oh yeah. Oh, now I'm starting to get the timing down. You ready for this. Ready for this. Watch this now. Easy, no problem. The last one just ruined my entire run. I don't care how many times. I'm just here to scream and all that works. Yes, okay, through the crushers. First crusher done second crusher good, now the third crusher is a little harder, but as long as I kind of time it as they hit, like I start the the gas as they hit. Should be fine. There we go. Okay, now the emergency traps. This one has been the devil this whole time, but. We're a lot thinner now and we can climb stuff. So I'll just pop over here. No problem. Got straight past that and we're going to kind of wind around this way. Go through here up over to the left. Hop the top side of the plane. I think i need to out-run this. Yeah. Yes. Oh my God, it's teleporting. I did you go but just go just go no, no, no, no, no. What was my personal best backed in. I mean. I would say my soul wants to die, but I'm not sure how much of my soul i've got left. Are you are you calling the police on me. I'm trying to complete an Alex board, just a. She's fine, everyone just she's she's sleeping. It's okay. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, I'm gray skilled. Whoa. You stick the landing. Oh, no. Ah. Oh, okay. Wait. And then. Okay. So what is it sparking for. I don't even want to know whatever I'm going to go around it there. Okay. So I just I just got to hope that, oh my God, yes, full spin and on to the wheels. No problem. That's what I'm talking about spinning. Rainbow tube traps. What again, I'm really concerned because up ahead, there's I don't know. It looks like something from flight of the navigator on here. Oh, they're they're spinning traps and you just can't fall into the. Okay. So kind of go. Oh, this is harder than it looks. Oh, I bet that's a teleporter in the middle. So now the teleporter spitting with the with the trap on the pink 1 and I can't just sit or I fall. Okay, this is harder than it looks. A. You have no idea. How many times. I've ran this. I've ran this board so far. Oh my God, stop. I'm tired looking at these windmills. Okay. So we're going to go then we're going to skip around here. Then I'm going to jump off to the man. This is this is hard that it looks. Okay. So you know what, just follow, it great. Just follow it, follow it, follow it, follow it, follow, follow and now onto the pink. And follow it. Follow it. Oh my. Y'all know I am literally in purgatory. This is. This is probably a robot. This is probably a run. Yeah. No, no, no. It's right there. I'm getting it though. I'm learning the pattern what I was trying to say is my last run had the least amount of damage, but i've done so many times. I kind of know what to do. You gotta follow the pink, what around the next one goes right, I'm sorry, left to right. Go around this that is left to right again, but at super speed, then we're going to pass it. Pass on the ramp yeah yards. Yes, I'll give me a checkpoint, please. What is this. Is this just a jump. But is this I'm assuming I have to just jump over this, so we're going to get as far back as possible. We're going to jump it on a corner. What what else you got for me, hold on, I got another jump. I got to do we're going to do this full back. Far back as possible hop, it jump it perfect. Nope traps ah yes, time to get robe, dad all. Oh, whoa. Whoa. Okay. So the aliens give you a speed boost if they go over you, man, what do you guys come over these traps? Oh, oh, okay, okay, I can kind of do this and no, no, no, I can't do it on the end though. Timing. Is the key timing. No problem. See this. That's how we time it right there now. I stop wait until it gets and then go wait. Oh, not today's Satan. All right. And so now i've got to kind of do like a 35 point turn swing them. The rear end of the car round. And just kind of watch every time it looks like right on the green strips. That's kind of where the. The alien ships will right there say that phone and it tried to get me again. That's where the alien ships will usually boost you. So as long as you stop. No, i've been at this for a while. I found a way to basically cheat this section. We're doing this backwards. Yes, I know doing a course backwards seems like it would be harder, but the thing is you don't get boosted when you go backwards. Look at this. Oh, yeah. Oh, this is the best idea I ever had. Oh, I just noticed I'm I'm still trying to do this backwards, but I just noticed they put entire crashed UFOs in the water. See it right over there backwards easy look at that. OK, this is really look at look at this. Look at this tiny tiny robe. So finally I can see where the wheels are on the tight rope. We're going to make sure we squeeze this thing on perfectly. There we go. And we're almost at the end of this. Come on, baby. This one's tough. I gotta squeeze this just a little bit each time just got it. Oh my God. Oh my gosh. Less 30 years off my life. All right, I got to move the back end around and now that we have it straightened out, we can just go backwards and now we've made that section. What else. What else is there. What is this. What do these do. Usually teleporters I have no idea what this is. I'm just going to go through it. Oh, there's a there's a thing I got to jump. Well, if I get a speed boost, that would be great. It doesn't give you a speed boost. It doesn't give you anything. What is it. So you can't complete the course with one of the really tall vehicles like the wasteland or knock you over. Whatever. All right, so we're gonna. Okay, okay, I did not know what I did. I did not know what had stopped sticks on it. Okay, so. Ah no. Do you like the sound of my agony. Does the sound of my agony, please, you man. Where do you have the time this thing get out of my yeah my way. Yes. No, this entire board. Is a segment of success immediately followed by a segment of pain. Oh yeah, yeah, here here. Oh my God, it's so shallow. The platforms are getting thinner. I'm dying like me. Grace still plays is dying not just in GTA. I mean, in life. Yes, OK, all right. OK, OK, think about this gray. How do we want to do this. I only have so much area to jump this and I need to time this right, wait for it. Wait for it, wait for it. Wait for it, wait for it. Yeah. As oh, finally, whoa. OK, these have got to be teleporters. Oh my God, they're just they're just gyrating all over the board. Okay. Oh my God, they don't make any sense at all. They don't make any sense at all. I get over to the left. Oh, okay, over to the right, whatever. I'm just going to drive. These don't make any sense. OK, so now it's a purple 1. The red one is done right. It doesn't come up here. It doesn't come up here. The purple 1 does not come over here. It does not come over here. OK, I get a moment to rest. Okay, i've been watching the pattern for a while. I think I understand what's today there. And oh my God. This looks unfair. Are you. Ah. What is this. But is this just a sad torture chamber for me to live out the rest of my days? I'm not quitting. Well, we meet again. Oh, oh, moving platforms of great destruction. I won't be stopped. I'm just going what's this right past the red beam? No problem, right past the oh, there's more red beeves. Oh my God, that one almost killed me. No problem. Oh my God. And then purple bloom, whatever and then, you know what? Just go just go great. Just go. Yes. Yes, Alex, what is this, is this is this you that did this or is this petty, alright. Whatever I'm going to try it. I shouldn't have tried a few hours later be if I could beat this once. Well, once for. 13 times now if I could beat this 13 times, I can beat it up for a third hour away. Whatever I'm just going to keep going. Yes, you versus domino traps. Why not, okay, what is this. What is this. So the dominoes fall and then what. Okay, so there's AI can't really call it a tight rope. It's just kind of like a detour over here. And then so you make it, oh. Okay, so you have to jump this and then there's a teleporter here and what it brings you back to the beginning. So the teleporter is probably attached to one of these buses. That you have to knock over and as the bus falls, the teleporter goes, but you have to get past before the bus falls to the ground. Okay, I got it. Can I knock it over with my gun. Because if I could just start that like this, this would be a lot faster. No, all right. So we're going to go ahead and we're going to lightly tap it there. Oh, this was probably a terrible idea because now I almost fell off and I just burned a ton of time with the so-called RON here. And they're here. They're not falling super fast, so i should have enough time. Okay, there goes, oh my God. Oh my God, no, no, no, no, no, no. Right here. I'm literally right there. Please God, let me have this. I hate you the bullet. I hold on. It's not over yet. It's not over yet. I have an idea. I have an idea. Come on. I have to there has to be a way for me to do this. Okay. Let me think about this. Now, if I can push the bullets wheel over kind of like like this a lot this way and now we're going to push this one up. I need to make more room. Okay, trust me on this. I have an idea. Maybe seeing yourself great. Are you actually kicking an entire bus. Wow, I cannot believe that work. Yes, I am kicking a bus and that's why, oh. My God, my prayers have been answered. No joke. Now the only problem is I do need some speed to be able to make this. I mean, I have hydraulics, but while this platform is literally the width of the car, God of God, let this work. Yes, yes. Oh, yeah. Oh, God. Oh. Oh. Oh, wait a minute. So this is block. Okay, I have an idea. Hold on, hold on, we could still do this. We could still do this there. Oh, well, all right, not that time. Hold on. The error. Anything you move in, no. About up here, yes. Now maybe I can just like squeeze onto the left hand side, just right under. Oh, hold on. I have an idea. Oh my God, yes. Oh, you should have put this thing further away from the side of the mountain baby. Oh, thank you, God. OK, this is going to sound crazy, but I have an idea. So right over here, there's a teleporter jump here, turn it sideways, get stuck here now. We're going to get out of the car. Yeah you're ready for this. This is like 2009 Q climb up on top of the buses. All right, we're gonna get to this bus. Okay, now we're going to fall down just barely in between this right here now we're gonna get inside, right. Now we can drive it. I guess, oh my God, it's working. And now just just drive it right off. Kill our baby. Go right off right off. Come on, come on, come on, wriggle it, wriggle it off. Okay, now we're going to get out. We're going to break our neck, but it's fine. That'll grow back. That's what humans do. We're going to get around the side of this up top over the mountain, jump on the pink platform. I need to sky from this now from the top here. Okay. Get get ready for this. We're going to run down. And then we're going to jump right at that tip there right here now. Perfect. I don't think i've ever hit a teleporter with so much enthusiasm is right now. Okay, so that brings US back here. Climb all the buses. Now this brings US back over to the crawler just fall off here because it quite frankly, doesn't even matter because what we can do, what's this, what's this go straight. Right up the side of the mountain. Do a little bit of a turn and a bloop it on here. Ah. And we could cross. Oh, Alex. Oh, you should have known. Okay, so now we have another domino. But now there's three parts to this section. So let's get this started. Nice little tap. Here we go. Roll back down now. We should have plenty of time to do this, so go around, get the epoch on the YouTube shot of all okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah, all right. Ah yes. Oh my God. It gets small every time what is this tight rope? No back to nothing. Yeah. And yeah, through all the crushers past all of the oh my God, pass all of the. The alien shifts into the dominoes epic ramp off to the side. Go through here, make the left no big deal third bus from the end is going to move the teleporter, but honestly, it doesn't even matter. We're going to let this go down. We're going to cheat the whole board. We're going to drive this bus off. Climb the mountain loop on through. Now we're going to hit thieves. Now i've let them all fall because I have an idea. It is very satisfying watching them. But if you didn't want me to do this pity and Alex, you should have put invisible walls on the side of the dominoes, but then I guess I wouldn't be able to actually squeeze past. And hold on. Hold on, come on, come on, squeeze off the side. You know you want to goddess like driving a hot dog that made it with a washing machine. There we go. I'm not done yet. There's one more I gotta move. Oh, and also I have to show you something. There's a checkpoint right there. I just want enough room. What just happened there. It just glitched through the floor, whatever. I mean, it kind of works still. OK, i've officially made enough room. I got to get rid of this bus that's right next to the checkpoint, grab the. Crawler. Now we can kind of joy. Wow, I didn't leave myself a lot of room. I'm pretty sure I can squeeze through this though. Yeah. Nice. And then we're going to jump through here. No big deal. Perfect. Now I get to and look at I don't know how you were supposed to do this. I mean, maybe they expected me to find a way around it, but finally we have a checkpoint unstoppable or trap what is. The unstoppable force. The fact that I have a checkpoint brings me a great amount of satisfaction right now because now I get to start from this point instead of having to redo everything for the aid on a time. Can I go through this is okay. All right, whatever I'm sure will be fine it is. Perfect, not an error. Okay, so. Is that the train. Oh my God. The train is coming, so the train barrels toward you and then goes completely insane and then it teleports back. So I'll just cut outs in the side of walls. Okay. So what you have to do? Well, we're going to do this a lot. What you have to do is barrel your way through here, make this jump. Wait for it right now. Yeah and then get into the cut out before the trade cubs. I'm fine. I'm fine. Everything's fine. Everything's fine. Get into the cut out before the train comes and then there's another cut out. We're going to get into that one and then we keep doing this until we complete the board. Do I have enough time to do this. Oh my God. I think I can make it. I think I can make it. I think I can make it sweet. And now the last one, oh, there's no more cut-outs. You just need to win. Are you ready. Go. Oh. I'm so dead. Ah. Oh, it didn't throw me off the board, i'm kind of just in the middle or am i a little warm or screw that up? Not a light. This is unbelievably difficult because I don't even know if I have enough time to get there. Yeah, spawn is right on top of you. Oh, oh, oh, or does it hold on. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. And that means that we have. A weather well. Today I learned that the worst trap of all was installing GTA. Anyway, folks hope you just episode GTA until the next time say Foxy must love.