I took the entire Minecraft world and transformed it into one chunk. This one chunk has every single volume you can think of starting on an easy biome like the plains biome and moving to the harder and rarer biomes like the mushroom biome, the woodland mansion and the stronghold at the very bottom to make it even more interesting. I even transferred the entire nether dimension into one chunk. Will I be able to survive 100 days. Probably not, but we start on the plains bond with two singular trees and a bumblebee. Hello, friend, let's call him George not found yeah, totally original a lesson. Mind this tweet and now we wait for saplings. Oh, there's already one here. Okay, let's replant this guy right in the middle here and that's make some wooden tools and let's dig into the chunk and see what I can find. All right, we hit stone pretty exciting. I hope we can find some coal and some iron. Had some cool. That's a decent start. I can't wait to find out what other biomes are in this one chunk below me now that I have cobblestone, let's upgrade my tools, I spent the rest of the day mining. So I didn't find any iron ingots. But I did get some coal and some raw copper. I did, however, find some water which would be really helpful in making some food because this is my only Apple and now I don't have Apple, so let's try to collect some seeds and please give me one more. Yes, I got 4. So while I continue searching for some iron, let's build my wheat farm right down here in the cave and let's continue mining. Oh, I finally found iron these me more than 2 and it's only two. Oh, that's better than nothing. Still no luck on some iron, but my trees have grown. So let's collect some more wood and now we're going to make some more chests. There's not much else I can do other than plastic more trees. Check out my pathetic wheat farm, starve and continue strip mining until my hands break. Yeah I really need some iron. Oh, yeah, please. I'm more than you, kid. That's only one. I've never only seen one iron in it. Oh, there we go. Okay, okay, at least it's 2 oh. 3 as they ever and just a quick break, this video is sponsored by dragon city. Dragon city is a free to play mobile game that is available in all devices. You can collect thousands of dragons with different elements and rarities and build your own dragon empire to grow and increase the strength of your dragons you will need to collect food, gold and gems to reach all new levels and with your awesome dragons. You can then build your empire all you need to do is breed 2 dragons and you will get a brand new dragon egg and these dragon eggs are much cooler than the Minecraft dragon eggs because you can actually hash them, feed them and they will evolve once you have your brand new Dragons. You get strained them and teach them new attack moves and then take them into battle where you can challenge and beat all of your friends and other dragon masters. And if you join the battle pass. You will get weekly mini games where you can claim daily prizes and new Dragons. And if you play today, you can find dragons of your favorite YouTubers like dream George not found and possibly me one day. Go download the game by clicking the link in the description or scan the QR code on the. And you will get a special free starter pack of 15000 food, 40000 gold and the play night dragon. So now I can finally smell this up and I either make a iron pickaxe or a bucket. I'll have to go with a pick astronaut. Well, I think I just hit another bottom. Let's go check it out and it's a snow biome. Is there anything fancy in here that I can take like iron, it doesn't seem like it, but there is some coal right here and I might die right here in all this packed snow. Okay, this isn't good. This no bomb is nice because it's literally with iron and imagine you get 16 pieces of iron. It's finally upgrade all of my tools and now I can make a bucket and I haven't seen any mobs yet, but let's also make a shield just in case let's grab some water and I do have some wheat that's fully grown or just 1 I guess. And these two are almost there. What that has headless, what the heck, oh my God, what is happening, what is that thing, holy cow blocked that off. That was so creepy. Well, that was weird anyways. Let's build a farm right over here. Oh, God, there's more headless zombies coming. Okay, please go and come near me and all I have is three seeds. The plant, let's slap down some torches and while I'm at it, let's also light up all of these shirt mines. I made so no more headless armies come attacking me. Oh God, now we have invisible skeletons. I can't wait till I see a creeper. Now. My wheat is fully grown and there's a phantom up there and I have one heart. Let's just block myself in a little box because I'm scared. I think coast is clear now I have a bunch of seeds, so let's plan all these and I also have bones so I can bone meal. Which will only make me three pieces of bread and it's not sheet. I feel a whole lot better. Okay, never mind. I don't feel as safe anymore with this guy walk here. Oh, are they 7, I collect you some more wood from the trees and I got one Apple and that's it. I love my life. But now let's go explore the other biome, which is the desert and it looks like there are some hay bales right there. Which I really need. Oh, I always looked at the interim and I broke my fall. I guess I could have landed in the web, some that would have been smarter. This was perfect. I really need food. Thank God there's some hay bales right here. There's also some lava. Anything in these houses of the chest with more wheat and some beds I forgot I get Polly sleep through the night. Yes, anything up here another bed and I'll see the carbon table. Why not? And now I have unlimited food. Yes, with all of this wood and the coastline I got started building a house right on top of this one chunk so clear the area, but I just realize I need more wood, so let's collect a bunch of dirt. Now I can expand my chunk and use the space as a dedicated free farm plus put some slides for some easy access and there we go. Now let's collect some wood for a couple of days until I have enough to build myself a house. And now with all these materials, let's start building the house. Oh my God. I would just go in the house and I fell off the roof and landed on the stairs at one heart. I might have been the luckiest man alive. 

And there's my mini house. I just need some sand for the windows and I just want to collect some sand as John down and the desert is right over here. I think, yes, let's just jump into the webs and let's start collecting some sand. Are you kidding a brass spare one. Oh my God. Where did he show from, and okay and is a stray. Okay, where are all these mobs coming from, they're everywhere. I did not see all these mobs earlier. Oh, wait, oh, is that where they're coming from, it looks like there's a mob swander down there. Let's jump down out and okay, okay, okay, okay. That's not good. Okay, there is a skeleton sponsor right here, which is amazing. But I'm kind of in danger right now or this is not good. This is not good. They're fighting, they're. Oh, I just blocked that what I died if I could kill this guy fall off. All right, we're good. I don't know. Unfortunately, I don't have any torches to light this up. Was there anything in these chests, no, wow, I really got scammed up. Okay, but let's build out of here and at least we found the sponsor and now let's finally add some glass to my little cozy home and now I'm finally moved in. Let's have the bed for the other file, which is underneath the desert and looks like it's the Mesa biome that's dig down at. Okay, I was right and let's not get shot off. This is really dangerous. Okay. Oh, man, there's a lot of mobs around. Oh, no, I think we're good and let's just hide up here and heal and let's actually try to get a music disk from this creeper. So let's try to get the skeleton to shoot this guy and they're fighting each other. Nice, okay. And oh, there's a spider sponsor here too, and this is a poisonous one. Oh my God. Okay. So we have found two sponsors now and i'm definitely not prepared to be here. So let's grasp some materials and turn these sponsors into some farms. Oh, and there's some iron right here. How did I miss that. Okay, let's start collecting a bunch of materials. Okay, let's quickly light up the sponsor. Get rid of this pest, but a farm you soon. Now let's turn this into a grinder. So let's clear. Yeah. 

And I made the grinder pretty simple. It just goes into this little hole. Now if I remove all the torches. The skeleton should spawn and I should get out of here. Oh God, oh God, get me out. Get me out. Get me out. Oh, no, okay. No, no, please don't knock me out. Okay, listen. Oh, there we go. Please fall off all right on one diet and okay, we are good. And originally I was going to bring them all the way up to my house up there, but I just don't have Kell to make a water elevator. Yes. So so we just have a simple skeleton grinder right here. And luckily since we're only on one chunk and super easy to get a lot of mobs to return gives me a lot of bones and now I can bow me all of this. They give me even more food. Yeah, I think that's enough, but yeah, this farm still isn't good enough for me as you guys know me. I eat a lot, so let's drop even more dirt and now let's start expanding my one chunk and making a bigger. And now my one chunk is starting to look pretty good. Let's just fix it up and make everything symmetrical. 

And now I want to fill it up with dirt, but the thing is I'm slowly running out of dirt or you might know this entire section and the rest of the bombs i've discovered doesn't have any dirt on them, but that's not going to stop someone like me as I am going to use dirt anyways. Even if it means I'm not going to finish it honestly is probably not the smartest thing to do. I'll find a way and I already ran out. I still need to fill in this area behind my house. So let's explore what's underneath this and see if there's any dirt I can find. 

Yes, that is perfect. It seems like this is a village with a bunch of dirt I can mind. Is there anything in this chest? Oh, emeralds and some apples. Oh, yes, I finally got potatoes and carrots. I don't have to grow wheat only nice. Okay. So before I steal off this dirt, I steal somewhere there. Hey. And let's just leave one piece of hay right here and let's continue stealing some dirt and now with all of this dirt. Let's finish these two holes and just for most you need let's wait for all the dirt to turn into grass. Okay. Well, I spent 30 minutes away for all of this grass to grow and it definitely wasn't worth it. I could have done a lot of stuff, but while I was waiting, all my wheat has fully grown up, so let's harvest it and let's make me some more bread, but I'm slowly running out of materials. So I spend the next couple of days mining for some oars. I try to get some more iron ingots. Luckily for me, the village later had a lot of iron oars inside of it. So now I can finally make myself a full set of iron armor. We're making some big progress now since we have these other two plots of land and they're fully grassed out, I can finally move this house somewhere else and even upgrade it. So we have a big area in the middle. I'm sorry, little home, but we're gonna just hear you down even though I built you like 10 days ago. Okay, this is taking too long and it's gone other than my chests and my furnaces. All right, but now let's go to Thatcher house over on this plot right here. And here is a new home I have been building and what was a new design and this is what it is. I think it looks pretty amazing. I tried adding a lot of glass so I can see out into the beautiful world, which is air and nothing but I think it's amazing. Now let's just move everything inside. So now that my chests are in. Let's decorate this place a little bit, let's obviously put down some crafting tables with a nice little design. Let's make some more furnaces and build a little table right here and slap down the furnaces. Let's jump down here. Oh God, and right here. 

Steel some beds. Let's put them right here and surround it with some stone bricks and make it fancy and now everybody can watch me sleep from under and straight through the front window is made some lanterns. Which is a pretty big waste of iron because it's really hard to get iron here, but it's worth it and I put a lantern right here and two over here and there we go. Here's my new house. Let's go to bed, but now let's continue exploring this giant chunk because I still have the skeleton sponsor right here. It gives me a lot of XP and I don't have an enchantment table yet. Oh God, let me just sneak around you here. Oh man. And so let's hope the next layer underneath this layer has some sugar cane and I need to do something about William and Osborne over here because they're just having a staring battle all day long and now let's dig down and see. Oh, looks like it's a swamp and I don't see any sugar cane. Just yeah. Oh, there is no sugarcane. Okay, that's literally perfect time. Let's grab all this and there's some more over here. Out which has hit me. Hello, God, is that you. So man, okay. Go away, please. You can't go away to is there anything in this witch hut over here, please have a chest. Okay. Well, there's not much in this volume. There's only pumpkins and some lily pads. I guess I can make a lake. I have a really good idea. What if I rebuild every single layer where my house is. So I have like all the layers in a biome or something and I want to put a shirt cave farm right behind the wheat farm, but I need some more wood. So let's just chop down the entire family of trees right here, will pay him and probably wasn't enough wood. So we got to do something about that. So I was just about to go to bed after collecting a bunch of wood and a goat showed up. How is there a goat in my house, what's where did he come from? There's no chance he came from the snow biome pound there and just ran up the stairs. Well, let's call him Tony. Welcome to my home, Tony. That's so random and now let's start working on the sugar cane farm. 

And now we have hurricane and earlier I spotted some cows on the swamp biome layer, so let's try to get these cows up all the way up to my base up there. I just set up five times nice. So how would I do this? It would probably be too dangerous to bring them up the water. So I guess we're just going to have to bring them up a giant staircase. All right. Oh my God. Already climbing up these guys are legends and the villagers climbing up to I think he's climbing down actually. Where did the cow go, Mr Cowley. Yeah come here, go. And let's bring you all the way up. We got a long journey to go. Please don't jump off into the void. I would appreciate that. No, no, no, no, no, no, okay. I mean, I could have tried to prevent that, but I just stared at him. So, yeah, that was mainly my fault. No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no savior, savior, savior. Yes, stupid. No, not again, you're gonna die from fall damage. You'd bummy. Oh no, why go that way, oh my God, this guy is playing games. Okay, just yeah. Climb all the way straight up, please and don't follow. Just keep going. This is not how I wanted it to go. Oh no, he's living on the edge right now and yeah, I had two cows. He word had and come on, let's go buddies and they're finally up here and I got my goat back. What do you do, what how did you get down? OK, I'm not going to question it. But now we got two cows up here and let's just block this off so they don't go down there anymore. Let's make some fences and let's turn this section into an animal form. A man in on fatties, you guys going to make it. They even fit into a fence gate. Let's break this and you guys go and bam, I guess you can come home, Sir. Oh, my. He just put on the nitrous and make some babies. Hello, Tony. It looks like my hurricanes grown a little bit, so my as much as harvested and let's replant them all so they grow even more and faster and as hard as all of these a week because I need more food and I want to breathe these cows until there's like a million cows as I'm kind of lonely up here. If you guys can tell and now since I got the cows up here, I need to somehow find a way to bring those villagers up here. Which would be really, really hard and where did they OG oh, man, where did they run to? All right, there's one right here. I don't have any rails or anything, so I don't really know. Oh, God, go away, don't hurt my villager. I don't really know how to bring this guy up there. What if I craft a boat here and I make a giant waterfall from the top of my base down. OK, now I made a huge mistake. Please stop here. Okay. Oh no, now I'm drowning everything by accident. Okay, let's. Slap this guy into a boat here and hopefully I can just go up here. Oh, not like that. Okay, that's scared me. Oh no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, you lived okay, just climb just yeah, slowly go all the way up, please just stay right there. Oh, no, don't drown. Please circle over there, breathe and just Yup, slowly climb. Oh, not like that. You go oh, you fall into the roof that didn't work. I don't know why my bow didn't flow, but let's try that again up in and hey, I think we got to be right on the edge or no, no, no. I had a villager. Now let's continue to explore and let's see what's underneath the swamp biome layer. What do we have next. And we found a tree okay, and we have a giant tree, a little like spruce and oh, this is a Ray tower. Unfortunately don't have any villagers to start a raid to get unlimited towns, but there might be some good loot over here any more chests and no nice. Okay, at least we get some spruce wood, which i love and, oh, looks like there's some lava. Which means you should really get in there. Please thank you very much now with all this lava, we could make another portal. Oh, I'm so stupid. I just realized you can't mind I'm sitting with an iron pickaxe change of plans. Let's go mind for some diamonds. I'm sure this layer has a bunch of diamonds since we're so deep down now and I was right. All right, that's two. Oh my God. Okay, we got a fat game. We got 6. All right, let's make a diamond pickaxe and let's start mining some obsidian. And now with a 10th of city and that I grabbed. I can finally make a portal and you know what? Let's just slap it right here. Let's just break my ceiling and wrap the flip and steel and let's head over to the other and see what we find and we have made it and it looks like we are on one chunk as well, but there is nothing under US. Is it just the word forest, oh yeah, another chunk goes in reverse. We swam at the bottom and we must go upwards. So that gives US more to explore. But let's find some Warped forest log thingies and let's use all of this material to build upwards now to reach the other layers while I grab the potatoes from the crimson forest and what is that up there. It looks like there's a lot of quartz up there and blocks with a dripstone that is very odd. We will explore that later. Let's use all these materials to build replica biomes over here on my island. I don't need to rebuild a plains bond because I kind of already have it. So let's start working on the snow biome. Let's jump down here. Hello, goat. And let's first start by collecting some materials with a snow biome like snow and unfortunately don't have to touch a collect this packed ice yet. So it will save that for later. I don't have a lot of snow blocks, but this should be enough and my plan is to build it in all of these corners in between these squares if that makes sense. So let's bring it up. And let's start placing in the snow. Yeah. And it's at a little bit more detail and right over here in this corner. I can put in an ice bike when I get so touch and right in the middle on top of this hill, let's slap down a snow gold lump and next time let's start working on the next biome, which is the desert. And next up is the Mesa biome and the village. So I spent around two days collecting some terracotta and enough wood that built a small village, then I got to work. And lets bone meal up the grass to add some color. I will work on some other bombs later when I expand my island. This is what the one chunk looked like at the beginning of the video. This is what the one chunk looks like now. Yeah, we made a lot of progress. We're not done yet. Let's start harvesting this and get enough paper to make an enchantment table. Now let's build up and explore the net. I really want to head up to this course by and see what is up here and we're almost here. So we're already here and wait a second. Oh my God, there's a village house in here with a with two villagers. That is really good news and there are two piglets. Look at me. They seem kind of friendly, so I'm just kind of worried he's going to jump down any second, but it seems like these might be my last two villagers I can ever get so really bring them back home so I can make a villager breeder and iron golden farms and raid farms. So let's build a super safe path all the way down with the staircase on my maid. Let's make a barrier right here on the edge so they cannot fall off to their death. 

The legislature section. Oh my God, I was really lucky. All right, come on, Arnold, down the stairs. You go. No, no, not that way. Please know this is going to be a pain. Come on, get in there. Oh no, I was left that open once through once through you just need this last guy. Come on, keep walking. Yes, yes, that was incredibly difficult. Okay. Where did they go. Oh, right here and they somehow got clothes on now they just change into. Okay, I have no idea how that works. Oh, we got two villagers. Let's make sure we trap them so they don't go exploring and running around and fall off the edge of the world or something and there we go. Now we got to make a villager breeder. All right, build a new platform over here by the cow farm and this is where my village of Berry is going to be. Let's put two fence gates here and a little chilling area right here and this is where the baby villagers will chill as put down some glass walls and right over here. Let's put so let's put some water so the baby villagers will flow right into here and the plan is to have the farming area up here and some beds so the villagers will make a baby and the baby will just come down here and fall and get trapped over here if that makes sense, let's try to build. Okay, hopefully this works and hopefully a baby villager can fit between this butt crack of a spot. So now let's just get these villagers up there and honestly. I don't know what's more difficult in life than moving a village over in one spot to the other. Come on guys. Just. 

Jump. Yes, thank you. Yes, keep going. Oh my, I just need to keep making fun of them so they run away from me. Yes, you guys are ugly. You guys. Oh no, no other way. Other way you are a stinky villager being keep walking that way. Okay. Oh my God, I don't even need to push them. They're just going they're just going, yes. It's part because there's a job here, but that is awesome. Let's just get rid of this and clean up the area. What is the building of stone bricks, this is kind of expensive and I don't really want to wait for them to harvest everything and have it all grow. So I'm going to try to speed it up a little bit. Let's come over here to my skeleton farm. Let's collect some bones. Alright, let's turn all of this in the bone meal and let's help these villagers out make some babies. Just help them harvest cause these guys are slow and replant them and hopefully these extra cares help them breed and now we just got away and hoped they make some love. So I waited a day and I got no villagers, so I changed the design and hopefully this will allow the villagers to actually see the beds over here and I do see them making big love. So that's a good sign. Let's wait another day and see what happens. Oh my God. It happened. We have a baby villager. I literally waited here for like two days. This might have been my first ever villager breeder that worked. Now let's wait till we get a whole bunch. So we're going to make an iron golden farm and like a total farm later on, oh, we have 2 now. Okay, it's going a lot faster now while we wait for even more villagers, let's grab my wheat and breed of these cows because I'm going to need a lot of them and it seems like all my hurricane has grown, so eventually I'll get in the chamber table going. But now I can turn this into paper and now all I need is leather here that cows, I need your leather. Yeah not your head. So on day 59 and I started building the platform for the iron golden farm, then I started working on the brand new iron golem farm farm. And the sun is setting, so now is a perfect time to move all of these villagers over. There only need three. I'm guessing the best way to do it is removing these beds and hopefully by opening these gates that will flood over to the beds over there, maybe they will sense it. So who wants to come to sleep, one guys, what if I just slap a bed like right up here and you take your snow maybe down here. Oh, here they come. Here they come parade. Oh my God, okay, for coming up. Okay, once they get to the second step, let's bait them. Take that. I think they're sensing these beds over here, which is great. See, oh yeah, I see their little brown heads moving, looks like moving granite blocks. There is one there is two and where's the third one. Okay, a baby's coming oppositions are filled in nice. This baby could literally fall right out here, but now I need to bring them back. 

So I guess I just put the beds back here and maybe they'll come back guys. Oh, I love how you can just control them with beds and close the gay. There we go. And now I'm going to need this army, but I don't think there's enough time in the night, so let's wait till tomorrow night and the meantime. I'll clean all of this up and get ready. Here he comes up the stairs and what I have four villages in there. How did it get for all right. That was not supposed to happen, but no, no, no, OK. Any close up door. Okay, good. Let's trap him in and I need to bring him as close to this as possible. I just punch him. Here we go and let's drop him in and I have this problem every time they never go in and I just give him a little nudge. Come on, come on, bro slide and. Kevin is not working. Okay, I need a falling in the hole and we have an our goal, which is really good news. Can I make a grindlay button? I cannot now let's name him these nuts and now we have a working iron golden farmer Eddie, which is super surprising. I'm surprised I built that correctly. His head over here and steal some lava. I'm sorry, strata. But I'm going to have to steal your home. Now let's slap down a lava bucket right here and we got ourselves iron. Let's go so accidentally a.m.k. right over there for four straight days, which was like an hour long and let's see how much iron we got. We got a 5.5 static. That's really good. Actually. Now I need a diamond generator because yeah this is about a snap. I've been pretty much house recently and I'm out of wheat. So let's keep harvesting this and let's continue pretty of them is getting pretty packed in there, but I'm going to need your leather for the bookshelves. I'm sorry guys, but since i've all of this iron now. Let's replace these broken tools, like even even the Chevron need it. I'll just make a new one since we finally explored the nether. I can grab my soul sand and bring the SP farm all the way up there. So it will be super easy to farm. So let's go to another grab me some sole sand. I just need one piece, but my goal is grab 3 and now let's start fixing it up. Let's block it off. Oh my God, those arrows and now let's finally start fixing this up as it's been broken for a while. Oh my, come on. Go. Oh my God. Oh, stupid phantoms. Oh, there's a ocean biome right here and kelp. I need a kelp. Okay, thank you so much for. Now let's go down into the ocean monument layer, which has a lot of Kelvin. I'm kind of scared what's inside of it, it could be those guardian looking fish dudes, which I do not like. So yeah, let's just steal some kelp first and maybe we'll explore this after and now let's fill this all up with some kelp and the chances of me drowning here is pretty high because this is a long way up just made it. And that's all kelp. Let's go over here to the second water elevator and go back up there we go. Let's break this and it should work. Yep, there we go and let's break this as well. And now if I simply break this and release the skeletons should work. He words should. Yeah oh, there we go. So let's say here for the good day and see how many skeletons we get. And let's see, oh, at least there are skeletons here. That's that's good news that skeletons are living and actually being brought up here. There's not much, but, hey, it works. You know what. This probably isn't good enough for an XP farm since we are on one chunk. I can easy make it XP farm in the nether since there's no other spotting platforms, a lot of pigments spawn and I'm going to need a lot of magma blocks. So let's collect it in this leather. All right, let's build pretty far away from this leather chunk. So it won't affect the swatting rates with all those pigment up there. Oh God. Oh my God. Oh my God. How many are there. This is a little dangerous standing right here. I'm literally going to split with a gas right now. I think that's far enough and now let's start building out the platform. Let's make it a three by three square where they will come fall and die and let's fill I'm going back and I'm crafting a boat. Let's replace all of this with some slabs and I'll probably prevent the guests from. And now let's start working on the golden farm. And now all I need is one turtle egg to put in the middle. So all the pigments go chase it and fall into this hole and I also lost all of my armor. In the meantime. I'll build in this and now let's hope there are some turtle eggs in this place. I don't see any dangerous dudes here all the way I might drown here. Oh no, me I'll give me I'll give me I'll give me I forgot I need to breathe there. Is there anything, oh, wait the summer year. Alright, I just need one. Let me steal one of your eggs here or doing it. So touch. Oh my God, I need so touch. Okay, that's another problem. This might be a problem here, but don't get out. Okay, let's breed up these cows one last time before I harvest them for some leather. Get some more paper, one last breeding session and now I'm to kill these cows. I need your guys. 

Yeah, thing I killed enough cosplay. I don't think thirtyfour leather is good enough. Let's turn these into books and that makes me thirtyfour, which then makes me 11 bookshops is not bad and let's put my enchantment table right over here and I don't have any like this and let's go mining wait. There's a mushroom bomb underneath here what's and I can't mind through it those barrier blocks. Bro can mine in the ocean bomb. So let's head over to the next bond, which is a mushroom and it seems like there's a lot of area to mind. Let's hope I can find some lapis and after reminding some lapis that spent some time breeding the cows and harvesting curriculum to get some more bookshelves and now let's try to get so touch on one of my pick axes here and breaking three, let's try it. Nice. And now I love the FK for some more XP. My next enchantment is silk touch. Get the level 30 quickly. And as enchanted so touch, I'm breaking three nights and now let's go find that egg the last one here and let's joint this. Oh yeah. Yeah. And now coming up here, I think all I need to do is add the egg right here and put some trap doors around it so it cannot be damaged by the pigment and I think it works floating and now trap doors on these edges just like so and I hope that works the pigment are getting mad at the vertical egg right here. So not sure what's wrong a few moments later all had to do was clear out some blocks above the turtle egg so they can spot it and now let's pull out my sword and let's start collecting some XP already at level 30 just like that so easy and they come flying down and it also gives me a lot of gold. So when I get loading 3 O. Give me even more, which will be crazy. And after a grinding this were two straight days, I got level sixty-two wait, wait. Wait, that's not good enough. Let me use of these swords. This craft up a new one and let's continue grinding. Ah yeah that's much better level 16. Heinz, but I still have a lot of the nether bound to explore. I went over there. There are still a lot of courts above the course bomb layer and the bastion and up there seems like there's another fortress. So after chancing all of My armor, I went to go explore the rest of the nether volume and we just made it into this cave with a Strider living in the middle of it. Let me do your nether words and it doesn't seem like there's much in here except some nether quartz. Which I don't quite need right now. So let's continue exploring upwards and see what's above this, maybe like a diamond biome or something because I really need some diamonds is really hard to find something here in this entire one chunk, but it looks like we're gonna hit the bastion or a black stone layer. Oh yeah, I'm hitting some yeah we are in hopefully there's nobody ready to attack me. Let's see what's in here. Oh, no, I was not supposed to hit him. I was not supposed to hit him. Oh no, this is good. He's knocking off. Oh God, this is not good, but do it do here. Okay, let's just kill all these pigments and okay, what's in here each and every my first ever piece and a bunch of random stuff all would be pretty helpful and there doesn't seem to be much else in this fashion. And last up is the nether fortress at the very top and it seems like they're not mad at me anymore. That's really odd, but there's a blaze sponsor up here. I don't really need xp anymore since i made the gold farm all the way over there, so it's probably no use to me. I probably wasn't the smartest thing to do, but that is the entire nether chunk explored. And now since we explore the nether chunk, let's go explore the one chunk. Let's jump all the way down. Please make the water. Why do I play magazine, oh my God, this is the last time I went to which is the ocean monument and I didn't really get a good chance to explore. Maybe there's like some gold in here, something. Something valuable or maybe nothing at all, I guess, and I'm going to drown, save me torches. It has to be something right, oh, I found the sponge layer. Let's grab all these wet sponges and I can finally breathe for once and steal it all and it seems like that is everything. So let's go down. Oh wait, we went to the mushroom biome. I totally forgot about that. This is where I found the left is what is underneath here. That is what I haven't found out yet. Let's continue digging down and this is a pretty big mining layer. It seems like the next one. Okay, it's a woolen. Imagine that was a lot of mobs. Okay, let's break into here and it's any good loot here. I don't see any evokers to steal some towns. There's a chicken, I can bring him all the way up to my base and possibly make a chicken farm, but it doesn't seem that there's much over here. Let's get my revenge though, and oh. There is a chest over here and there. Oh, yes, a diamond chest play, some emeralds and I told him a dying yet. That's what I wanted to throw this poop away and there we go. You finally have a piece of diamond armor and get my totem on let's our speed running here. Let's dig down and see what else lies beneath is one Shanghai. I will hit the deep layer and oh, oh, I see a lot of okay. There's a small little lush section right here. I should grasp some buggies to take these guys all the way up and build them a nice aquarium upstairs on my base. Well, let's continue mining. I'm super curious what else I can find here. Okay, dripstone, nice and as the amethyst layer, let's continue mining and it seems like I'm getting pretty close to the bedrock here and we just ran into diamonds and oh. Another cave with a bunch of iron in it and more diamonds I might be able to make a full diamond-set soon. Wait a second. I had stone brick. That was that is that what I think it is. It is if on the end portal frame. Oh my God. Let's break this and kill all these silver fish. Alright, this seems like we're the very bottom of this one chunk you have the bedrock is right there. There's some diamonds over there. Let's just build over there and still. Knife, but that's awesome. That means we have to feed the end of the dragon soon. I just need to collect some more eyes of Ender, so now let's make a diamond sword and let's try to enchant loading three on this. So getting the enterprise of easy. Oh my God, that might have been the luckiest enchantment i've ever gotten first time to get looting. I'm not sure where the best place is to fun intermittent. I remember seeing like a lot of intermittent in this desert buying for some reason. Is there any there's one right here. Others, two boys carrying a cactus doesn't hurt your hand. There's 3. Let me just punch them and farm them inside this hose. They're stuck in the webs and they're making it easier for me. I got one so far, that's three. And 5 and the next best place for entrepreneurs probably going to be this works forest to me your balls, please. That's 8 and give me 3. Give me 3. Oh wait, that should be enough actually. Because I remember there are two eyes of Ender inside the portal already. Now let's head up to the nether fortress and hope to get some blazes. I probably shouldn't have broken that sponsor probably not the best move. Now let's build a big leather brick platform to help some blazes the spawn. Okay, there's some blazes over here. Oh, Mike, I did not see those guys and some wither skeletons. Let's kill this. Okay, we got two. All right, that's four. And this guy's leading over the edge, which is kind of annoying. I need your blazer. No, let's turn these into blaze powder and eyes of Ender. Let's jump all the way down to the stronghold. Oh, God, I'm even going to make it okay. And we are ready to go. What is wrong with the end is my end broken. Okay, I'm really far away and the dragon is right there and let's quickly bridge over there and you know what. Let's just Pearl, they don't miss you don't miss what is wrong with the end. Oh my okay, looks like the end is checkerboarded. It seems like every other chunk is missing. Okay, well, that doesn't stop me from destroying all the crystals. God, oh God. Okay, I wasn't scared. Honestly, I thought these missing chunks won't affect me at all. They have to say it does and I think that's all the crystals to defeat this dragon. And there we go like the guts and collect the baby. Now let's bridge up to the portal of the risk. It now I can't i've already been through too many near death experiences. Let's play it safe and let's try to find an eletro. Okay, I just thought we found another boat. I've been getting really lucky finding and ships recently, but this one is just a poop. You want probably the worst one you could find and why is every single island so far from me. I spent like a whole day collecting and stone bro hope there is an entity right there. Oh, this entry as well. I don't really need any of the shockers or anything. A Mazo go up and check if there's any loot and wow, what why is this enshield so short? It's not high off the ground at all. I could literally Interpol up there. That is really weird. Let's up here. And skip all these shelters because I probably don't need it and let's see what's inside here. Yes, diamonds and mending diamond boots. All right, I'm putting that. Oh my God, you're doing a lot of damage. I might need to get out of here. All right, but you know what? Let's just fly over to the end ship here. It's kind of dangerous thrill Pearl. Okay, let's skip all these and I want you to kill this guy speed running in the light show without killing any shockers. Let's take this anything good fortune 3. Pick axe and another diamond boot that's come over here and steal the head. Yeah oh yeah, we can fly now. Where is the portal back to the overworld. I do not see one at all at his and good now that we got even more diamonds from rating the end ships. I can finally make a full set of diamond armor and enchantment. Let's see what I get. That's pretty poop and my pants are good. And so far. This iron farm has given me a lot of iron, so let's turn all these into iron. And let's build a little shrine right in the middle of my one chunk or the dragon egg. And there we go. It's pretty simple. There's the dragon egg on top of ancient debris. My only every piece and my dragon head and since I explored all of the biomes on this one chunk and in another chunk. I think it's probably time to rebuild them on my island here. Now let's jump all the way down here and the next bottom I'm going to build is going to be a swamp biome. So let's steal this. And let's off to collect some vines and some lily pads and let's build it right over here beside the Snowbowl. So I actually decided to build it over here next to the village because we're in the actual swamp ion. So the trees and the grass will actually look like a swan, which is pretty cool. And next though we have the woodland mansion or whether it's on the woodland mansion. This is the Ray tower. Now let's start collecting a bunch of. Okay. But now since I have doors, I could breathe and it will be way easier to collect some of these corals and was so touch, I can collect the color, so won't just be dead. And Alice Mino the ocean monument. And the ocean biome is done. I just have a freezing problem right now and I'm trying to put torches everywhere I can just stop the ice, but it's not really working. However, it's already day 99 and I don't really have much time to build all the other biomes. I think we've come a very long way. We got a bunch of villagers, a cow farm, a nice wheat farm, Shirley cane. Nice to iron golden farm and a beautiful house. I just don't really know what else I can do in the next two days. So i think let's just celebrate, and what's the best way to celebrate? How about we just. 

Don't forget to download dragon city in the description below to get your free starter pack. I can kill you. You're too special. Yeah. Well, that's 100 days on one chunk. Goodbye.