In this Minecraft world, we only get one block of the resources that will ever exist will come from this. And so far we have made some pretty good progress, but we still have so much to do. I just mind diamonds. What OK. Well, we also got our sand that we need for the windows over here, but I got my first diamond. That what well. That's a great way to start the second episode of the one block series. Well, I'm going to put the diamond over here just so it's safe in case I die. Wait, if if I die though I lose everything. Wow, I'm not very smart. Welcome to episode 2 guys. Okay, everything is looking pretty good so far. All my animals are still alive, my polar bears alive and the snowman just dried out, I guess. Nobody nobody really cares about snowman, right. And there's also a bunch of creeper soda is brought back up. Where do you go discourage to fall off the map? All right, these guys aren't really smart. We got a gold block. Okay, that's that's really good. But while i'm my first some sand, let me tell you guys about my objectives. Hello, I don't have any water for you, so you might not survive. So good luck with that today. I want to upgrade this animal farm and build an actual zoo I want to reach at least three more phases on the one block which will bring US a ton of new resources. I want to upgrade this entire island because it just looks pretty messy and bad. And lastly, the fixed this abysmal embarrassment to humanity food farm because I really need some fast food in my. Well, let's begin and start mining. Oh my God. Oh, they don't attack me. I got two new friends. Yeah, so bro. You got a cool try to can I borrow that please, please, please. Oh, well, these are going to help me. That is a really good durability though. Yeah. Oh, yes, more diamonds. Yeah, that makes dust. I just need one more and we can craft the diamond pickaxe. We're making big progress right now. Oh, I can't do anything to help you guys. I'm sorry, I just got to listen to them flap around until they die. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I feel so bad. Yeah, I need a little bit of salt. All right, this should be enough sand. I hope let's grab some coal and do I know how to refer to, oh, there we go. And with all of this glass, it should be enough to fill up all my windows. Nice. We finally got windows that makes our house complete. That's exciting, but now let's start working on fixing up this animal farm. It's sort of a reminder me of a prison and I'm not I'm not that harsh, right. I did not mean to burn that guy. Why would you do that pig, you're terrible. That was so messed up, man. Look at him trying to hide the evidence. I know what you did. That's it prison. You go. Yep. It feels good at putting criminals away. OK, but anyways to upgrade the animal farm, we're going to need a lot of wood. So let's start chopping it. Let's collect all of this replant and now let's wait for all the saplings that grow again while we do let's continue mining, there's one block. What is that, wait. And let's see what I can get from again to be off the edge, please, please. Please, please. No, no, no number 4. Oh, they're gone. Oh my God. She thought I was going to die right there. Can't believe they were run away from me like that though they knew they were gonna lose that fight. Yeah. So. I'm literally shaking right now. I'm starting to think I might need a little more protection than a free iron helmet that I got from like a skeleton, so we should probably upgrade. Yeah you know what, I'm going to stick with my iron helmet. Let's just take the risk. Oh, man, you know what's so far, so good. I know a second a mustard party comes though. I am dipping up. Okay, my powder fish isn't too bad. Feed you to the polar bear. You can't eat it. I'm a feed you to my dog. My dogs don't want to eat you. You deserve to live in the void. But right now we're aiming for one more diamond that would be really helpful and even like a water bucking inside a chest or some iron cause I do need some more armor. Honestly, I just need anything that I can get because the resources are so limited on this one block. So everything is pretty important. Oh. The daddy's back. I'm hiding in my house. I get to close the door by some oh no, the daddy came from, but look at his tail just flopping around. She's a Campbell field run away from me like that. Like he knew I had him that time. I don't like this game mode anymore. I just realized I might have the most monotone scream ever. It's just one tone. I'm like, ah it's coming for me. Oh, I was so boring. This game just scares me like my car was a scary game. People underestimated it. No, no, I need waters. No. Oh. Well, that that was depressing. No, no, please. I'm sick of this. I wonder what do I do? There's nothing I can do. What am I supposed to do here, like, want to mind the one block, but I'm so scared of anything spawning. I don't have any weapons or any armor. I'm just a naked cookie dude and this polar bear. All my doctors watched me get beat up. This is an uneven. Ooh, awesome books. This is the start of the enchantment phase. I feel like, oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm I'm running guys. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I can't do anything and I don't want to lose this world. They can't reach me from here, right. Like like like a goose bumps. Hey, just please pull off the edge like I can't do anything you guys. You guys own me. You are my daddy. Okay, it's gone and oh, they're all gone. Yeah, yeah, I did guys. I did it. Let's go. Okay. No, no, go. No, go right back into the house. Okay, I'm going to sleep and I literally need the trees. Why, okay, it looks like we have no choice but to fight it. Please go away, please, please, please don't blah. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, nice. Okay, perfect at that guy and this guy sneak attack you weren't expecting. Oh, no, this is not good. This is not good. This is not good guys. I'm going to die. I'm going to die. I'm going to die. I'm going to die. I'm going to die. I thought I was going to burn. We've had a lot of close calls and the episode just started. This is not going well since the threat has been eliminated. Let's come over here and chop the wood and now with all of this wood. I can start working on this animal farm and turn it into a nice little zoo. So here's my idea. I'm going to start by expanding the platform of the animal farm and on top of it, I'm gonna build a barn and then a few stables attached to it that will be all of my animal's homes. Then inside the barn will be where the food is kept like hey, wheat and seeds. So let's first start by expanding the animal farm and I should probably lock these animals and totally not because they're in a prison, I just care about their safety because I'm a good person. Isn't that right, Mr piggy. And we are done. All right, this should be enough room for a barn at some stables. I hope so. Now let's just join all of these animals together so it will save some room. Mom, buddy, go, go, go. 

Go, go, go. Go go all right. I think these animals have enough room to live. Let's delete all of this now and make some room. Nice. Okay. And now let's start working on the frame of the bar. And I already ran out of wood nice so far is looking pretty good. You guys probably have no idea what this is, but these are separate stables. So these little monkeys will live into there and, yeah, this area is for food, but to finish this entire thing is and take me a lot more wood. I was just doing some hurdles. That's kind of cool. 

Yeah, okay, I tripped on every single one. Anyways, so i spent the next hour just collecting wood in my tree farm and while i fist them, trees go follow my twitter and instagram, i go for 2023 is to hit 100000 followers on both of these, so go follow me in the link below to show me how strong the cookie army really is anyways. This should be enough wood and let's finish up. The. 

It's looking a little bland though on the walls. Everything is just a little bit too Woody, you know, like it's just it's just too much. So I have an idea. I'm scared. I mean, it's not doing that one day. I'm going to jump off the edge since this house is made on a snow block. I think I'm going to do the same over there. Let's grab this and let's make. Wait, wait, wait. Let's build the walls out of snow blocks and see how it looks. Oh, bro. Okay, please give me some of your mommy mommy, mommy, mommy. That was a close one. Please let me sleep. I don't want to deal with this anymore. I'm scared. I'm scared anyways, that was totally on me. I'm definitely a gigabyte that doesn't get scared. Bro, do I see four creepers in there, this isn't even funny anymore. Why does this game hate me, why why. Oh. Yeah. Oh, jeez, Louise jeepers creepers, dude, what are you looking at. Okay, well, I have no more food left in my inventory and they were kind of guarding my animals here. So do I have any food in here with some apples. And I have a plan. We shall release the dogs. Yeah let's go team. You guys ready. He's definitely not. Okay, let's go take back our. Okay, you guys got him good luck team. Yeah. They just jumped off. I just had like two dogs jumped off. No, sit down. You guys are dysfunctional. You guys don't even know how to move fine. I'll do this myself. Yeah. I don't know. I did it with no casualties at all. Oh, man. Okay. Well, since the bunny has escaped and kind of lost his life, let's just remove this because it's always in the way. Honestly, it probably helps. I always use it as like a wall to protect myself. So let's just do that. I think it's funny time to use my coal to make some torches and light. Keep Parker, keep Parker. And just place torches everywhere. But before we finish up this barn. We we got to address the the the tragic scene that just happened. I lost two of my wolves, so let's go to two dogs a grave right. Where they died in the memory of dude and or redo. Those are just the first names that's on the comments. So yeah, just don't ask me what's underneath the graves because there's nothing. So they're not actually buried. The void has eaten them up ripping the commerce everybody anyways. Let's continue building this thing. Now let's start adding a little bit of decoration with some slabs and some trap doors. Let's craft some fences and let's use the fences as windows, mainly because we're too poor for glass. Let's also use them as normal fences to keep the mobs in just like this. And now these no rectangle square things are looking on a bland. How about we make some trap doors and just slap them right in the middle. Nice. All right, it's time to move these bad boys over to their new home. Let's build a little fence, a little runway. I am open that up and let's first start with the cows, the moon buddy at show fab, but cheeks into there or not. You not you not you all right. I guess it is now, oh, go go go go. Yeah, you guys don't know why why why is the sheep. Alright, I guess the sheep claimed it too. Oh, oh, here they come. Alright, just a mix of animals. You stay okay. Yeah, you leave. No, no, you you're not them. You're not them. You're a little different color. You got fungus growing off your back and and your head. So it's actually put the mushroom cows in the first pen because I do need you guys the most. No, why why you guys both in here, now you guys look nothing apart. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Yeah. You're not leaving. Yeah, that's right. You and your messed up haircut rose going bald now, finally for the piggy, this guy is real dangerous. So I got to be a little careful here. Oh, look how peaceful he is. Alright, nice little piggy. And now for the chickens, I feel like this will come in handy chicken dance party. And we're done and there we go. The animal barn is complete. It looks as a whole lot better than the first one we had and the one block islands coming together pretty nicely with two buildings. We still have a major problem and that is we don't have any food. We don't have a single farm yet and we have all of these built. So that's our next goal to complete. I don't have a water bucket because you guys you guys know what happened. Let's put a water bucket down and actually build a pole. Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. But when I did come across some ice and if we just break this on a full block, it should give me water. Yes. Yeah, we got our water bucket back. All right. And if we didn't lose our first water bucket, we could have made an infinite water pool. At least we have some type of Wolf. Oh, I want to do that off the edge. So right underneath US, no, go. Let me put the water block right here and make sure I don't destroy it. And now if I grab a hoe. We should be finally able to farm and just a small area. Yes, finally we are out of the Stone Age and not a caveman anymore. It only took US 60 days and two full episodes and let's try to plan a little bit of everything. Let's plant the only five seats that I got nice. I don't really need melons, but I'll plant a few just so we have more melon just in case let's plant some pumpkins. But the most important thing I should plant are from stewed. No. Okay, it's actually potatoes. I really need potatoes as food because I'm sick of eating this. Do I have any bones, I do have one in my pants. Nice, let's turn this into a bone meal and let's just use this to grow the tails even more until we have a bunch. Here we go. That's a pretty good start and I guess you gotta eat this poisonous potato. Sir, and there we go. We finally fixed our abomination of a food farm. Well, I guess it's not an abomination anymore. Okay, I'm not just shut up and so far into this episode, everything is going pretty well. You finish building this amazing barn that holds all of the animals. You finally have a complete food farm. Well, sort of. I came very close to dying and we did lose two wolves, but there's just one thing we haven't done yet and that is to fix this entire island because it's still pretty hideous. Like I'm I don't like these little bridges. I almost always fall off of it and I have this grand light here still with bunnies trapped inside. Like they haven't seen the daylight in like two years. It's actually been two episodes, but yeah, we're going to fix this. The very first thing we need to do is actually. In this block. Turtles I like that does I don't have any water for you, so try to stay alive and I'm also running dangerously low on iron and yeah. We really need that. So let's get mining. Oh, okay. No, no, no, no. Please swallow, please swallow. Oh, I don't know why those things are so scared of me. It's it's pretty sad honestly. Ooh, more iron. Okay. Okay. Can I try it and please give me the try to please daddy. We should also try to get to the other phases of the one block just so we can collect some more OMA a turtle egg just so we can collect some more materials other than dad coral blocks because that is so. Oh, I didn't mean it to you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Oh no, why am I more scared of this guy than a guardian. That's a lie. But still well looks like I'm on house arrest. Leave me alone, Sir. You still mad at me after I slept. You're good. If you piece size brain with a giant body, I can relate to that on a sleeve. Hop there goes my shovel and there goes my pick axe and ice. Okay, this is going great guys with barely any iron well. But looks like we're going back to the Stone Age with a stone pick axe and a stone axe. Nice. This is going great. I'm I'm so stupid. I I needed to make a shovel. I did I didn't even ask what am I doing. Oh, I can't remind the gold. Well, it looks like I'm using my last pieces of iron to mind this gold. I hope it's worth it. Well, chess, please give me something good. Yes, I tried it. I don't even know what to do with it. I don't know. I'm so excited for it. Just something new. Okay, I'll just hold it in my off hand so I can look cool. I don't know. Maybe you'll scare away the guardians or something and they think I'm like, daddy. The. Oh my God, okay, it doesn't work. I'm not their daddy. They're my daddy. Okay, I'm their daddy. Another chest, let's see. A chest was so bad. I had to add my own fart sun fetch mom just gave me to the next phase. I'm sick of this ocean face stinks. Literally all this fish and turtles everywhere, literally. E oh, achievement. Oh my God, please. How much I use this. No, it literally slipped through between his legs and then went off the edge, my Trident and that was the only cool thing I had that was that was the only thing that made me cool. Now now I'm a loser with fish in my hand. Could we wait, well, I had to try it and that was that was so unlucky. Oh, yeah. Oh yeah, keep the iron covering. Oh, oh my God, I found a glitch. I found a glitch six pieces iron in a row that that was insane and a chest with heart's broke is my lucky days or a girlfriend in. Okay, not exactly what I was hoping for, but we got some fish. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, hold up, wait a minute. Wait a minute, wait a minute. No. Oh, it does give me water go away. I don't want you. I want to I want the water. Yes, we got ourselves 4 water buckets. Yeah. Oh yeah, through the cookie dance through the cookie dance are almost up now. That is a huge achievement. Yes, that will make progression through this one block a lot easier. Let's go. And my guess is once I break this wrong to a new face, oh my God, my brain is just massive, bro. All right, but in 3 2 1. What is it going to be a jungle dungeon. All right, I'm going to get a lot of cobblestone and I'm not I guess just only cobblestone. That's all we got cobblestone. I mean, I'm not complaining that would be helpful to build. But could I get something new. Please. Like it's just something just something ooh, ooh, mossy cobblestone. Nice. Okay. Oh yes. Now you're talking to me, diamond wrestling block. All right, we we are making huge strides right now. We look at, oh my God, this is this is amazing. It makes a total of three diamonds. We could finally make a pick axe. But I'm probably not gonna save. Hello there. Hello. This is the first other human being of humanoid in my world. Let's go out and and I haven't even got a villager yet. Okay, please. Yeah, yeah, you gotta go you gotta go. I guess I could have used their leads too late now. Anyways, my farm looks like it's doing pretty well and I don't know why these turtles are just hammer flaggy in my potatoes and just sniffing it all up, but I think some of these are ready to harvest. I think these ones are let's go we got ourselves a farm, look at US as we plant these and we already need a bigger farm. Wow, but that means I can smell these 35 potatoes. Oh yeah, yeah, French fries. Let's continue on in this block here. We gotta start upgrading this. Okay, diamonds, diamonds, diamonds. Oh. We got parrots. We got new pets. We got new pets. We got got some seeds, seeds, seeds, seeds. I got two seeds will fly away and fall off to avoid, please. Okay. Come on. No, I still got some seeds here and now I got 5, which pair did I feed again, was it the blue Guy. No, no, no, no, come on. Come on, come on, come on, I hate you. I hate you. You're just taunting me. Oh, well, they shouldn't whoa. Wait or they could fly up. This guy scared me. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, we'll skip me like that. Whoa, yeah, I'm in the silence for the blue parrot. We can't lose you too, so I got trapped in a box. Oh. I'm dead. I'm dead. I'm dead. I'm dead. I'm dead. What I do, what I do, what I do, what I do and you make a shield and you make a shield, I don't have iron. I don't have iron smelted panic and panic. I think we're safe. You want to kill me by now and let's see just waiting for me out here. Come on, come on, come on, come on. Come on, I'm ready. I can't believe this is my first ever shield I made where you are. What do I do guys, maybe he'll just fly away and forget about me. Yeah, just keep flying that way. Keep going. Keep going. This one block is getting a little challenging. I don't remember being this hard. Oh, lapis. I just punched the cat. Please don't run off the edge. We got to suffer Oslo. I'm a trappy two kids. I'm still going to run off the edge and. Whoop, yeah, more diamonds. Oh, oh my God, there's 2 all right. So you got more animals around here. Okay, don't slow down, slow down, slow your roll. It. Yeah. For your own safety. Oh yeah, a stinky chest. His boy needs a shower and cocoa beans. We can make cookies and come cookie farm in the future episode. I then spent the next little while just mining the one block trying to collect as many things as I can. And here are the highlights of. Oh, my. Oh, a panda. Aye. I got one. We got glow stone and sugar. Oh. I will run the jungle wood now horsey horsey. Let me just let me just go to. Gotcha. Oh. It's probably time to fix up this island. Let's first collect a bunch of wood. There we go. Let me just go through the hassle and collect all these saplings and when you plant everything and mine all the trees. Once again, nobody cares about that, right. Like there's so much of work behind the scenes. Alright with all of this wood, I should be able to redesign this entire island. My current idea is to actually drop this entire layer like two blocks down so then I can build some staircases going up to these buildings, which will make it look a little bit cooler if I can move this entire building two blocks up with my giant biceps I would but you know I just don't want to use up all that energy erased holy because it's totally not because I'm weak or anything. And so let's grab a water bucket craft some screw slabs as it looks so much better than oak slabs and let's do a quick maneuver. Let's put water down here. We'll have a flow down just a little bit. So if I fall off something to catch on, OK, now we can go two blocks down like this and then place a slab here like that. Actually let's go a block. Because I want to be eye-level with the one block, so it would be easy to mine. And now if I remove the water and these blocks, I should be able to just build a new platform underneath this current platform. Nice and I'll leave a water stream right here just in case I fall so I can still live now. Let's build a brand new island platform. Now I can remove this ugly platform, the old one that we had since the start. No, no, no, no. No, okay, stay still. Stay still bra. There's a horse down here too. Okay, this is not good. This is not what I had in mind. Please get up. Yep, okay, good boy, good boy. No. Stop, stop, stop, stop. Stop, don't move, don't move a fingernail. Don't even breathe like you might. You want to just hop right back in that in in there, please. Okay, let me just build a little. No. Ah broke, walk the plank and now let's finish redesigning this platform. Now let's craft a few stairs and I'm just going to put them right here leading up towards the house like this and there we go and let's do this on every single side. There we go and it's already looking a lot better and cleaner. So now when I mind this, it's already like right at all one of the chances. Oh no, not them, not them, not them, not the monkeys. Let's see what I got to defend myself. I got arrows and some string. Okay, we could make a bow is not gonna be anything good, but it's something okay. Let's kill this witch. Okay, get out of here spiders. Go go go is one right there. I'm going to try to kill it. That's one. Yep. Yeah, but we did it. Yeah, we are the vessel. Well, that's just a parrot. Oh my God. Okay, let's finish redesigning this island. Let's now use a little bit of cobblestone to change up the color a little bit and build some railings here. So I don't fall off the edge because I come close almost every single time and one day I'll change all of this in the stone brick and make look fancier. I also build this grave in a terrible spot. So let's remove it. I'm sorry, dude, and the redo, we'll rebuild the grave another day somewhere better than just floating over here randomly. That was take some logs and design the corner. So I have some stairs and some slabs. Honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing now. Let's sleep. This is a very important step without some fences and last monolithic say it with me, everybody let's go everything looks better of leaves and you don't have a block to use. Just use leaves. Come on, look at that, add some nice greenery and it's just so nice and here we go. The island has been officially redesigned. Wait, let me have some slaves here just to cover up. This is ugly log. Yeah. Now I can just stand here and look at this block and just mind it. It's so simple now I don't need to break my neck looking at the floor and throughout this entire episode, we have accomplished a lot. We built this amazing animal barn, finally made ourselves a food farm. Redesigned the island and unlock a bunch of new blocks, but we still have so much to do. So I'll see you guys on the next episode.