I've survived 1000 days on a one block, but is it possible to survive 100 days on a lucky one block. My goal is to survive 10 different lucky blocks until I get to the very end for the final challenge to defeat the Ender dragon and mining one of these lucky boss can be extremely dangerous or if you're lucky enough. It can give you the most o.p. loot that you can ever imagine and this video gets insane. So please subscribe and let's try to hit 1.5 million subscribers by the end of 2021. We are so close anyways. Enjoy the video. I'm on one block, but it's a lucky block. This is pretty insane and there are villages nearby, so we should explore those later on to get more resources. But let's just start minding this and see what I get. Oh, I got T and T to start. That is a very weird blog to start, but let's just expand the island so I don't fall off. Hopefully something doesn't activate it. Let's break another one chickens on Popeyes. I'll take it. Oh my God, this is so o.p. sharpness 5 hero acts. But it does require a lot of diamonds though, but yeah. You will go over here. Please try not to dive to mine another one and. Oh, no, Lama's just fun and they all fell off into the void. All right, there's a killer get on, get on, get on. Yeah, this lucky block is kind of cursed. I'll ask you what else I get. Ooh, I got golden apples and enchanted golden apples. I'm not sure why the textures messed up, but that would save me from killer bunnies. Let's see what I ooh, what is this. Yes, like a more building blocks. Okay, that's good. Oh, I I don't have a pick axe yet though. I got my my fist. Alright, let's let's try to get a pickaxe. Come on, you're starting loot and there's not but I'm gonna build out over here and place this chest down and just put all my goodies in here and I'm going to keep these enchanted golden apples army because I feel like it's going to be pretty easy to die in this day. I got hay bales. I got some more food, but oh, more TNT. It looks like we got a tier upgrade. We're on tier 2. The dirt. I'm guessing this is a dirt lucky block. Oh no, just give me dirt. Tier 3 is copper. Okay. I finally got some oak plank, so let's make a crafting table and let's turn this copper stone into slabs, copper lucky block. I got mushrooms is how it probably won't need that another chest. Let's see that we some food. Oh, a fish. And I'm a startup by making a iron ash just in case something spots and it's a dangerous another chest. Ooh, some good loot and heart of the sea. I'll take it another chest like you get chest. Finally, I get more wood and some tools. OK, that is not that polite, but I'll take it at least they'll save me. Oh yes, yes, no bunch of white wool, 64 pieces. Let's go let's make a bed and let's just use all of these blocks to expand the island because this island is pretty small and I'm pretty scared something's gonna happen. Oh, yes, I got a bunch of wood now, this is super helpful. Let's make it iron pick axe. This is gonna be a pretty crazy 100 days. It's gonna be so random, but like so exciting because there's so much random stuff that comes out. You have no idea what's. Oh my God. Why why why does this happen? I have so many crossbows get out of my inventory ghetto. I booze some potions that would be cool. This would be really helpful. Let's get some instahealth on me just in case oh, I wishing, well, maybe you could throw a coin. Okay, this is a coin. I'm kind of scared to the throw a coin in there. Was this just bait. OK, I guess nothing happens but the sun is setting slope, right, you know, let's go to bed. You should be able to collect enough blocks to go explore one of those villages. Especially with all these glass panes. So let's go bridge to one of these. He's like, I'm playing a game of tight rope right now. This is kind of scary. Alright, finally built over here and let's put a water bucket down and heading my way down to the village and we made it, why won't you look at that floating torches a cursed game. But we are all the way down at the void right now. So this is gonna be kind of scary, but let's try to collect as many blocks as I can. There is a chest in here. Let's see what's in it. Food I satisfies me and my big £500 tell me, yo, there's a village route in here. You just chilling on the bed. I feel kind of bad. This guy grew up his whole life just standing on that bed, nowhere to go. I'll I'll bring you home one day. Don't you worry, stay put, please. I just need one sapling. Come on. Yes, I got one sapling. Okay, that's all I need and then I spent the last two days completely destroying this entire village when I'm finally back. Also, let's name this hero villager, draw some names in the comments, but I did end up getting a lot of researchers from that village. So now I'm going to turn all of this wood into slabs and expand this island and let's go right back to mining the block going to sign nice. Alright, some lantern or another hero villager, the brothers you want to make love wait a second, but this guy has an iPad. She lost an eye Samuel Jackson, but let's oh my God, this guy's trade. Oh my God. Heroes potion look at the amount of enchantments on this thing. I'm actually going to put them inside a boat and take them kind of further away from the lucky block just in case something spawns a shoulder box. Full of good loot. I'll take it. Let's go and on top of that, the shelter box. This is probably the most valuable part. Oh, I got some upcity and I could go to the other now guys, I just need something to light. It. The sun is setting though, so let's eat into bed like a whole bunch of bells, another totem of them dying nice and a luck bow. There's a luck counter. What does this do as lucky bow might be something worth trying out, oh yes. I finally got armor chain mail, at least that's some type of protection are but now we are 20 out of 50 lucky blocks broken with this copper phase. What the heck. I scared me. Oh, what is this 20 netherlight scraps no way that is actually insane. 20 leather, right scraps. I don't have any diamonds yet, but I do have 4 chickens now so I can make a Popeyes farm. I don't have any seeds though right now, but there are three pieces of grass right here. Well, I get lucky enough to get AC from these three pieces of grass is only way to find out. I already broke one by accident. Okay, none from that one. There's only one piece left. Come on please. I just need a 1 seed. Come on, come on, come on. I do see some farming crops over there though in the next village. All right, I'm finally here. Let's see. Oh yes, there were seeds. I lost some carrots though, but there are seeds. I got 10 pieces and beet-root and let's drag all of these chickens into their new home poorly, not being trapped in a prison. I'm not that cruel. Trust me, let's continue expanding the island this way because I think this section will be a farming section and let's make myself a quick tree farm with my new saplings. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah. And let's go to bed. Oh my God, okay, I got diamonds and more chicken eggs. But only got one chickens, 20 diamonds and 20 another ice crafts pretty good. All right, let's add the chicken to the chicken collection Flint and steel. Let's go. That's exactly what I needed because I do have a sitting right here. I can go to the nether soon. Guys, that was so weird. That kind of scared me. I spun a whole bunch of emeralds around me. Okay, all right, we are 30 blocks into the copper lucky block, another chest. We got loadstone. I don't exactly remember what this thing does. Let me know in the comments more what got arrows? Nice. That means I can use my luck bow. What can I do with this and shoot it, maybe something cool happened. What what what what, what, what, what. What, what what is happening, what the heck, oh my God. It gives me arrows too. I literally have a machine gun. Oh wait, what now is shot a water block. So this lucky bow acts like a lucky block for an aero foreman looks like you increase the luck level if you kill things, let's test on a chicken. I'm sorry, chicken. Oh my God, I just saw that chicken with 30 arrows. I'm so sorry. Thanks for the arrows though, whether sponsor something that's gonna be pretty scary. Oh my God, okay, please die. Jeez. Okay, there's a fire. Let's take that out. I got a horse spawn egg and a saddle. All right, let's spawn him in and he seems pretty average. You can't run that fast and you can't jump that high. But at least now I finally have a friend. What is this a luck sword? Okay, this thing is going to be just as insane as a lucky bow. I don't have anything tested on shirt tested on Rufus. Maybe just one hit. Okay, I didn't do anything. I'm sorry, Rufus, I'm sorry. Forgive me. Let me put in the chicken pencil. You don't run around. Oh my God, just start a new section of the entire island and just fill it up with all the random blocks I get because I won't ever really use it. There's so many different colors here. Let's see how big this dance fuller would get by the end of these 100 days. Oh my God, I just got one block of nether right guys, one entire block of nether, right? That's 9 nether right. That's enough for everything. Okay, I don't even need these grabs anymore. That is so O P. Oh, oh my God, speaking about OPI got. Sixty-four diamond blocks and 64 emeralds holy cow, well mud as well turn some of these into diamonds and make a full set of diamond armor. There we go. We are fully set and you know what might as well just turn it into another right because I can now I'm fully decked out and then the right we are about five blocks. Okay. Oh, that kind of scared me. I thought that was in the damage. But we are super close to the next phase of lucky blocks. You Aaron. OK, that is not good at all. Here you guys go. You guys can have some gold armor and there we go. We are at the amethyst tier 4 lucky block and it says things are wrapping up. I wonder what is going to come because I already got another Ray. I can't imagine what the weather come next on a thing. Now it's a good time to build myself a base and a bigger test storage area. I'm not sure why I didn't do this earlier, but this will make my life a lot easier. Yeah. All right, there's all my wood and cobblestone hold on with all of these diamonds wiped it in. I trade for these things. Let's turn all these in the diamonds and let's just trade with all these weight. Why is there power on a pickaxe. Say, well, this heroic act would be good sharpness. What punch on a pickaxe is kind of questionable. I'll get a heroes bow though, and might as well get a heroes potion and it's turning to nether right, well, good bye nethered axe before I start building my first to base, let's get myself no spruce wood. I love my spruce wood and this thing only has efficiency. One that wasn't a big upgrade. I think I got kind of scam. I mean, at least I have bands of earth. Okay, I got plenty of spruce logs and let's get started building and I'm going to put these villagers inside this little area so they have a home. Let's make them a floor and some walls. Alright, let's get these 2 villagers into two separate boats here. You get into that. Try to get this guy into the pen and you won't nice. How about we raise the ground and do it like this. And now we got two of the hero villagers chopped inside their new home, definitely not prison and I'll provide them with some decorations. So there you guys go welcome to your new home and let's make this to store all of my goodies. Let's take all of my spruce logs and let them know. Oh my God, this is going to be a lot of chests and a bamboo stock attests this right here would be for all my valuables. So diamonds, wood. Cobblestone and whatnot and over here will be all the miscellaneous stuff. So all the random stuff that I get from the lucky block that probably won't ever use and there we go. Now I just got to transfer everything into there and I somehow ended up using all of my fruits laws. I have no idea how so I'm going to make a whole separate area just for these Bruce logs and now let's make a circle and there's my circle. Trust me, I am not wazi loves the circles, but come on, circles are amazing. It's such a nice and easy thing to build. Let's line up the borders with some spruce logs and let's trip them all down and let's line it with. So don't fall off into the void while cutting down some trees. I'm a child. I want to say trees like that and right smack in the middle. Let's put the dirt down and the spruce Apple Ings got off a dedicated area for my spruce logs and let's chop them down. This is a really short one kind of reminds me of my myself sad days and I think that will satisfy me and I'm using all this within a day or two, but now let's continue the excitement. Let's start mining the amethyst lucky block, a fire charge. Take fire OK as useless and speaking about useless. Okay, let me just let me just give rid of that. Well, what the wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, why is there iron underneath. Wait a second. There's iron blocks underneath you with another lucky block. No, no, since I have so many diamond blocks money as well, you know. Upgrade a little bit and let's continue mining this thing. Oh my God, that that is a lot of bunnies. Okay. Yo, yo, no, no, Albert, we were so close. No, no, no, no, no, no. Ooh, a brand new sapling. Acacia definitely the ugliest tree ever added into Minecraft. They look at this, but I'll just mind it just for the fun of it. Oh my God, Blackstone, a lot of Blackstone get another bunny. Oh, oh, this is a killer bunny. Oh my God, it does a lot of damage go away. Oh my God, cooked right. I'm going to eat you for that. What's next another soccer box. Oh, diamond leggings. I don't need that more Netherland ingots. I'll take it. That's pretty nice and another shelter box and some more eggs. Let's add it to my collection. All right, we got one baby chicken and he's sniffing the horse's butt right now. I just might and nothing happened, so maybe something spawn underneath and nothing spawn. I just lost the diamond. I'm just going to be so hard. Oh, potatoes, I can make a potato farm now, guys, I don't need to live off of apples and for me to make a farm, I do need a hole and why go for a measly hole or we can get a heroes hole and get so touch power 1 and flame and you know what, let's take it up a notch and make it a net the right diamond hole or not. The right heroes hope yeah me know if you got first visitor here. He's ducked down. Like what the heck. Yeah, let's light this area and I'm actually gonna make the potato farm connected to this tree farm so it could be a huge like snake collection of farms and now for another one of my stripped logs, yeah I feel I don't even know why I build this out of wood. I need to replace this of dirt. What am I doing. I'm making a farm and here comes the dirt and the sun is setting again and I'm tired and lazy. So let's go to bed and let's actually hide some water underneath these slides here so we can maximize the efficiency of the farm. So like it doesn't cover any third space. You know what I mean. All right, once the water is placed down, they just simply cover it up and you never see that the water was there. Yes, I repeat, you would never see it. It was there. Let's take my trusty heroes hole that's made out of nether right, and let's hold this all up. I love using hose. Oh. And now let's plant my potatoes and now we just watch them grow. You guys thought I was kidding. No, I'm seriously going to sit here for a day and watch them grow. All right is day 30 and I'm back. I actually SAT here and waited for them to grow. I definitely didn't go for some food and there we go. I actually like how this is looking once I get it like super tall and make a circle around the island. That would be pretty cool, but let's continue on in this amethyst lucky block cause I'm pretty excited to say on their mind, I give US not exciting at all. All right. Yeah, yeah, I'm not exciting at all. What is this? I got a well though, I got another wishing well with another coin and if you guys remember I didn't get anything. So maybe this sounds like lucky. Never mind. There is a lucky block underneath here though, so I'm guessing that's from the well and let's break it. Ooh, some quartz. That is not that special. Alright, let's continue mine. Oh no, silver fish. Please go away. Oh, I hate silver fish and there's so many Kay Rogan, I think, oh, oh, I thought I was so fresh. I hate it. I hate it. I'm so sorry. Skip mining. Oh my God. Oh, diamonds. Okay, I'll take it. I mean, I already have a stock of diamond blocks, but this is. Oh, oh, these guys. Oh, I'm kind of scared. Are these guys dangerous, I'm kind of scared. They're going to attack me. I was not expected at all of destroyer. Okay, there's a bunch of them. Hopefully they don't attack me if they seem quite friendly. So I think we're good. We have protectors now on the island. Just let me ask you about you guys here. We got barrel with some loot in it infested crack stone brick. Let me spawn this in and let me see what the iron Gordon is. Do. Oh my God, they died so fast. Okay, please get with the way we are 30 out of 50 lucky blocks away from another tier upgrade. I wonder what's the next tier after the amethyst 1? Oh, another hero villager that is really good armor infinity on a chest plate. Okay, super random. But let's bring this guy to his new home with the other hero villagers and welcome to your new friends. Oh, oh, what the heck just happened, I'm trapped. Look, look, oh my God, that scared me. What the heck. What the heck is okay, that was weird. Oh no, no, no, no, no, no. Oh, no, please. Okay, I will kill it. No, I will respond. This is not good. This is not good at all. They're focused on our goals, so they're not just roaming island yet. Okay, I need to kill it fast. All this isn't good. This is not good. Okay. Oh, no, okay. Oh, thank God, the iron guns killed him. Oh, that would be so bad. Thank you, Ariel Gomez. Thank you. Holy cow. I feed you got some arm repair guys. You guys look a little beat up here that was crazy. At least I got another star though. That means I do get a beacon. I do get enough blocks so I can finally add to the dance floor though. This is exciting. Okay, let's continue mining this. I got the melon seeds. Oh, a killer bunny. Okay, go away. Oh, I'm quick with the trigger now. Oh, it just spawned like 10 lucky blocks around me. Hey, let's see what I get hopefully is nothing or a lucky pig. What if I take my lucky pig with my lucky sword and hit it? Will I get double the luck, let's try. Oh, I got poison. Okay, that's not good. Yeah and webs. Okay, he kind of just kind of disgusting, but that wasn't so lucky, was it. Let's see if these are all okay. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Oh. I'm so sorry. Oh, I hit those iron golden. Oh my God, he got me so low. There we go. He's dead. Whoa, it's off the sword. What's the heck, well, since when do I go and drop the sword, but I think it's a good idea to keep my enchanted golden apples by my side. I well, it seems like all of these lucky blocks are actually really lucky. Let's keep mining. Oh, that is a lot of quartz. Okay. A lot of lamas. Are they dangerous. I don't know. What was that what has happened? That was weird. Some gold or another hero villager and this guy is not good at all. Okay. Oh, yes, I needed this lava buckets and water buckets and milk. Wow, a stick nice and last but not least, even more lava buckets and water buckets. All right, I could make myself some bread, but I still need a way for these potatoes to grow and I don't have any bone meals. So right now let's start working on a mop sponsor farm and let's continue this theme of spiralling circles. And now that's offensive, though I don't fall off and this time I'm going to build a different mob sponsor is going to be so much faster than my regular ones and there we go. That. Honor and I think it works pretty well here come all the mobs and they die through their death at the very bottom. Oh, I do have a lot of spiders up there though. That isn't good, but there's all is it which go away. But there's all my mob drops now. I have unlimited bows for my farm. But if I flip this lever, they should be living. All right, that creeper lived the uplift. The lever and they should all live and you just punch them with a fist and you get your XP. So it's like multifunctional. It's pretty awesome other than these spiders. Oh my God, okay, these spiders are a problem and you don't want spiders anywhere. I would make the entire tube just blocks, so don't make the rings, just make it an entire tube. But now if you just want mob drops, just look the lover. Oh no, okay. You got to be careful because the creepers can see you and there we go all the muscle down or die to fall damage unless they have armor. The coward has got a lot of music discs. I finally back on my island and I actually lost all of my iron gall and somehow they just walked off the edge. Like I thought they were smarter than any of these lamas. Which I have no idea, but only have two protectors now and there we have it. I fixed it all up so no more. Holy cow, look at the amount of mob drops over here. This is insane. Oh my God. Okay, this thing is actually insane, but I am pretty hungry. So finally let's take these bones and turn it into bone meal and let's harvest these potatoes and you just bone meal them all the heck where you come from. What the heck. I'll save you chicken. This chicken was held hostage. Are you okay, buddy, I have a tree for you. Let me go get it, come to papa and bring you to a very special place and get inside the pen, get trolled. And finally I got the farm fully complete and it's all filled up now that looks pretty nice and my entire island is coming along pretty well. But let's get back to mining the lucky block because it's so exciting, but let's take my diamonds and let's tray for this the hero pick axe and might as well turn it into another right one as well. All right, let the games begin. Let's see what I get from the amethyst lucky blockade to. Oh my God, okay, but I got 20 lucky blocks. That is insane. All right, let's see what I get. That's mine of these lucky blocks now. Oh my God, dragon egg. I don't even need to go to the end anymore. I just got a dragon egg. Alright, I don't even need to feed the end of dragon anymore, but I'm still gunner. Let's see. Oh, that's all I need eyes of Ender. Okay, surrounded me in a desert temple full of lucky blocks and a gold block. OK, I'll take it. I'm going to break myself out of here first because I feel like it's going to be kind of dangerous if I'm trapped in there, it did and I'm breaking my floor, which I don't appreciate, but hopefully it gives me something good in return. Oh, it gave me a piece of bedrock and it says. Well, there's your problem. I got a piece of bedrock in the middle of my entire island. Now, what am I supposed to do with this. Okay, okay. Well, I'm definitely gonna make a shrine with this or something. Okay, next 1, Bob. I'm sorry, Bob is Bob versus Bob. That's why they're called Bob destroyer. Ah I see okay, next 1, bro. All right, let's move on. Let's move on. Okay. What enchantments are these hero helmet and hero boots, I mean, that's better than mine. So my little kiddies and turn them into another rate of that is a lot of quartz and it says you're wasting your time. Thanks okay, more lava bucket and last one another star I'm going to. Beacon snow. Oh, I was going to be insane. I'm going to have the best house ever. I'm going to build a huge castle lucky block themed and I'm just going to have the dragon egg and two beacons in the middle of it. That's gonna be epic. So let's take these netherlight scraps and turn them into ingots here. I'm literally filthy rich. I think I throw them into the void. I don't need another right, not a killer bunny. Is that killer bunny, that is a killer bunny, I saw those red eyes. I shot him so hard. He fell into the void day next 1 pumpkins or jacket lanterns. All right. Oh my God. Okay. Oh, it's through a slowness that I mean. Okay, thanks Bob. This for there's so many pets everywhere. This is fun practice though to shoot your arrows at them. I'll get even hit a single one of them. It's so, oh, I get the Lama. I'm sorry, always you to get me know I'm gonna kill them for these bats are getting pretty annoyed. So I'm just going to go to bed. Alright, let's continue the day mining some lucky blocks. Okay, now that is what I need. Yes, i've been waiting for this entire lucky block that drops a whole bunch of red snow material. Yes, alright, golden Apple and more enchanted golden Apple is finally I have more to protect Mr rainbow. Are you guys hostile, they they don't seem to hostile. They're just friendly creatures. OK, I guess I'll have a whole bunch of sheep here now. Well, since I have all these sheep might as well make them a home, let's start expanding my island again. Alright, come with me, Mr rainbows. I'm not sure why they're all Mr rainbows. Like where are the misses, it does make me happy having these guys on my island and they're all inside their cage and let's drop them up. There's a new home. Let me feed you some of you guys as well. He has to have some babies. What kind of babies would they pop up if I feed them. Let's see, oh, we got a little sign one. What else we got, oh wait, there's a pink sheet right here and another pink sheet that are so rare. Nice. We have two of the rare sheep now and my craft yeah still 7 lucky blocks to go so might as well place them down to see what I okay, I got slime blocks again, I keep destroying my island though. It's getting kind of annoying. Alright, let's see, oh, you're another well, I know the trick. Now the trick is that with the push play here, the trick is that the lucky block is actually underneath the well, let's see what I get. Wow, another 1 I got I got two walls back to back, but what are the chances of that that was so random? What are the chances. Oh, oh, I feel when my witch came true, I got a potato and then I I turn into a beacon. What is why is the potatoes everywhere. What is happening right now. Okay, I'll take the beacon. I mean, that's three beacons I have now. There should be a lucky block. Oh, and there isn't a more potatoes though. I was hungry. That's awesome. And my last lucky block will be nice, but let's continue mining this amethyst lucky block and I spent. Our day of 53 mining the summer lucky block and it wasn't given me anything good until day 54 came and this bond. Oh my God. Oh, that's a big Bob. Go Bob the story. Go Bob the story, get up. No other drowning. Okay, we got a giant Bob. He's not attacking me though, so this is kind of cool. I should keep him as a pet. Okay, let's make this guy a home. Hopefully he doesn't burn in the sun. So I should probably get going. Let's start building a platform for this giant zombie. All right, that should be a big enough platform for this guy and I have no idea how to transport him over there. I guess I'm strong enough to push this guy. Oh man, I was right. He's not talking me either. Let's fence them off. I'm sure you could definitely not get over this fence because you know it's super protective over this guy was the bro. How are you doing, nice talk, good talk, good talk before the sun rises, though. I'm going to build a roof above the zombie just in case and there we go. We got a rooftop over his head and he isn't burning even though the sun is kind of beaming into his face. But that is good news. Now let's just build walls around them and protect them inside so we can't jump over and escape like King Kong or something and I ran out of wood. This guy is way too big. So let's spend the rest of the day getting myself some more spruce wood and I'm out of bone meal. Unfortunately, only that was a problem. Let me just run here. Oh my gosh, there's so many mugs and yeah, I think I have enough bowl meal to a supply myself for the whole 100 days. All right, got enough wood and let's finish up his home and there we go. He looks pretty cozy in there before he disappears, though. Let's actually give him a name Alice name. Jake. All right, don't hurt me and bam. We got ourselves JAKE the giant and now let's go save these iron guns because I need them as my bodyguard when I mind this lucky block because it's nice having an extra pair of hands, but something scary spawns and let's get rid of all of this water and let's continue mining the lucky block. Oh, oh my God, the good thing. I saved my iron gold. Oh, wash up my iron gold. I'm sorry, he's after me. It's no okay. I'm sorry. Forgive me for. What what do I do, what I do because I give him iron. I forgive him iron. He's still mad at me. What I do. This isn't good. I guess it's just gonna run until he forgets about me or something. Yeah, I'll see you guys when the sun is back up. Hopefully by then he would forget about me. They aren't mad at me anymore. Thank God I do get a lot of terracotta those so let's add to the dance floor because somebody please tell me why terracotta was added to Minecraft and what is this block supposed to be, I have no clue what this thing is supposed to be. But let's continue mine the lucky block because I still have four more custom lucky blocks to go all of the little babies on me come from the way yeah the summer lucky block is pretty dangerous, say a fathom spawn in the middle of the day, so pretty useless. So I did get something brand new sunshine Boots, chest plate and sword. That's pretty cool. Oh no, Bob. Okay, Bob, I'm going to get some iron and heal you guys. What is this unlucky smoothie, I'm not sure what I'm ever gonna use these things. But the enchantments are pretty crazy. Oh no. Oh no. Oh, this is not good. This is not good. This is not good. It's not good. It's not good. Okay, okay, I'm pretty low in my throat. My golden Apple. Okay, save me on your golden. Oh my God, thank you, Bob. Okay, don't go for the giant. That was a close one. It looks like Bob is worth shipping the zombie right now. Look at them. We should be good and let's continue mining. Well, what is this, is that a water gun, a water bomb and a water gun. What do I do with it? Oh, shoots water. That is so cool. I mean, it is called a water gun. I'm not sure why I'm so surprised that is so cool though. Yeah, it's just buckets of water. It just adds it's a Minecraft. Imagine the amount of M. lgs you can make with this. Like what if we could shoot the village over there? Okay, I don't think I reaches that far. Let me try again. Yeah, a little too far. Let's run over here is kind of scary rolling on this and let's shoot the water gun on that house over there with a word and I love this thing. Imagine the emojis you can do it watches watches mlg if I die. It is not good who come on. I miss the. Thank God I am. I told him of him dying, okay. I I need to practice a little bit with this gun and let's ask you to make a practice arena for this water gun. This can actually have some insane mod clutches also, I don't know where the water bomb does. Let's try is basically a water bucket, but throw a ball. I thought a blow up and like a tsunami will come out. All right, here's the platform we're going to fall in and shoot these water guns and let's make the diving boards. Now I'm going to make three different levels and there we go three different level diving boards, the beginner, the intermediate and the advanced as head down over to this one practice shot okay so far. So good the first level diving board. The beginning or diving board, let's go. Okay, that that's too easy up the skills a little bit. 3 60 what what what what just happened, why did so many different water buckets got shot out and so delayed too. Let's try that was so delayed. There we go. The first diving board is a little too easy. Let's go to the second three 67 that was so delayed. Alright, this is quite fun. I love doing this. This is so fun. To the big boy platform, the advanced and from afar this high I could probably die and let's go. Oh, it's too easy if I really wanted I could just do this, like it could be so easy. Let's try to land at the very last second. So right when a buddy hit the ground, I'm going to shoot the gun last second. Okay, but I want to keep practicing for the rest of the day. Let's see what amazing things I get on this lucky block. I got another water gun and the sun bomb. You'll get a Bob destroyer. Yes, and let me take that watery gun. Oh, what this one has power 5 punch, 1 flame and infinity no frickin way. Let me try to shoot this. I thought it would have flame in it or something, but there is a luck plus 50 on this water gun. I'm not sure what that would mean when I am 10 blocks away from finishing the summer lucky block. Okay, I got a whole bunch of banners and this should be the last oh my God. Oh no, this is not good. This is not good. This is not good. My entire island is made of the wood. No Bob Day life. Okay, take all of this. Oh, no, no, no, there's still places around. I think I got them all. Oh no, my house, no, no water gun, lucky water gun. Come on Lucky water gun. Help me out. Come on, please, please, please. No, come on water gun. This is not doing anything. Let me go on top of this diving board. This is not helping. What is this. I don't know. I'm dying to well, now my entire island is all water and look at these villagers. Fully sleeping while there's chaos happening and let me clean this all up. But here we are a pink lucky. Block it looks so majestic and friendly. I'm kind of worried about what this was fun, but there's only one way to find out and that's my breaking it. But I just got a cat named chewy. All right to break another one. Oh, benderman. I don't like undermine. Okay, I'm going to go for them or they're just whipping them around. Jeez, yeah, these entrepreneurs, yeah, these entrepreneurs. Oh, there's another one up here trying to dive off the diving board. What do you do, you go and let's heal these guys out cause they look kind of beat up. Okay, let's continue mining. Whoa, what kind of potions are these these are pink potions think lucky potion -50 luck. This one is like, which 1 am I going to drink. Well, it's kind of obvious. I didn't think there was splash potions. Oh, and phantoms are spawning. Oh my God, they're everywhere. Okay, we'll take these guys out and shoot these phantom story. Okay, that was kind of scary, but let's try lucky potion. What do I get lapis and another right block in the middle, let's throw another lucky potion and snowman. Nice to meet you. Should we call them, let me know in the comments about strength too. Oh, cookie. Yes. Oh yes. Now that was a lucky potion right there, but I'm kind of scared to spawn these unlucky ones. So I'm going to put them away for now and let's make a separate platform away from this island so I can splash them down before I do that, I want to make the platform out of city and before we do that, I kind of want to test if his lucky water to go and work in the nether and if it does. I can get an infinite supply of obsidian and let's expand this circle theme and build another portal on another one. But first off, I need to clean out this area because it's a mess and check out this army of baby villagers of riding these chickens is pretty cute too for me to shoot. Thanks for the target practice. Your my name is actually a one. Jeez, I just saved all four of the chickens. I didn't hit a single one of them. Okay. Oh, here creeper. Let's slip that oh my God, this is not good. Let's make a run for it. Oh my God, this old army, I'm getting low. I can't run up slowly, but I think it's a good idea to leave these Pistons activated, so no spiders and babies Omni can escape start building another circle for a Bundaberg portal and let's put. The obsidian down. Hopefully I have enough to make one and just enough nice and let's light it up and before I go in a little bit more detail a throw in some upside downstairs, same thing over here and then a little slab design there we have it. It looks pretty sick to be honest. Alright, we are in and let's shoot it. Oh my God, no freaking way. It actually works. A water gun works. I'm not in a one block anymore. I guess shoot this anywhere and water will spawn this changes everything and the bastion right there. Let me make some gold pants and let's go explore this fashion and the golden children right there. What what is that? What in the world is that it's another lucky block and it's flashing, okay, this is the most craziest thing i've ever seen. I was not expecting a lucky block to be in the nether. Okay, let's break it all places just want oh no, this isn't good. Oh, they do damage again. I mean, oh, no, this isn't good. Oh, no, okay, go go go go water gun. Okay, I got away the water actually protected me from the hogland and let's chill these blazes all. Or there are a lot of blazes or there's another one over there too. This time I was going to cover the lucky block with water just in case oh my God, I could turn the water into ice in the nether. That is so weird. Let's head over here and break it. Oh, we gotta chest this time. Okay, something good. Just open it and ooh, curse of vanishing some gold blocks. Another chance to go to nap. Would that be really helpful over here. There's another nethered lucky block, but a regular one as well and let's break it. Oh, got some gold kind of useless. Let's check out this regular lucky block and a killer bunny in the note. Here's a big lucky block. I see what it gives me. Oh my God. That is a pink sword right there has a pink lucky sword was a luck. 0 thing, looks amazing. Another lucky block here. Oh, I got AI got another well, that is so weird. Okay, it even comes in the nether. There's some gold down here. That's pretty cool. Oh, that was loud. Oh my God. That scared me, but it gave me a beacon. Let's go. This is fun. I feel like I'm playing a scavenger hunt. What are the chances of two lucky blocks spawning on top of each other? Let's go check it out arrows. Oh my God, that was a lot of entrepreneurs I just lost into the lava. Yeah. Oh, what I wrote the lucky block and it gave me a massive lucky block with a lever right there. Do I flip it or do I not, I have to flip it. What is it gonna give me. Okay, it's breaking, it's breaking and. Oh my God. Firework shadow and it dropped a whole bunch of good loot that is insane. I was not expecting that. Here's another pink 1. Oh and right there is another fortress. I don't really need it, but this one is pretty big. A risky is jumper 2021. Okay, I told you miss the water. I'm sure there are a lot of lucky blocks in here. Okay, I spent some time running around this entire fortress and I couldn't find any lucky blocks because somebody please tell me why this fortress looks so massive. I feel like I'm in Amazon. This is by far the biggest nether fortress that i've ever found in Minecraft. Let's head over to this huge basket and get that gold and there's nothing guarding it surprisingly and I steal all this gold. I'm not a thief. I'm just borrowing it and might as well just completely cover this bastion with water to surprise these piggles because they have no idea what water is. Oh, they just run away from the water. We're turning this into a water bastion now and you've seen it here, folks. This is a water bastion in the nether who would ever thought you would see this in Minecraft pretty crazy distracted. I came in for one thing and that is for up. And now is mine up all of this obsidian because I need this to make a special arena on my island and this is going to take a very long time to mind all of this obsidian and after about an entire hour of mining straight obsidian. I finally got the five stacks I needed and I also turned another into an ocean because that's what it looks like. Okay, that was a lot of work. My brain is number there we go. We have five stacks and 11 pieces of obsidian. I'm not sure if I even need this much, but that was some dedication. Let's head back home and now let's start working on the obsidian arena for those unlucky potions. All right, I'm a city in box and I think I'm ready to spawn those potions, splash it down. Oh my God, okay, good thing. I built this thing. Oh my God, this is not good. This is not good everywhere going. Oh, this is not good. This is not good. I was just a kid. Oh, I'm going to die and I go go go get everybody. The box was useless. I'm running for my life. I got my enchanted golden apples. Let's get rid of the remaining flying monkeys here. Alright, I think I got all of them. Oh my God, there's. So many more. All right. Well, the first motion didn't go with that. Well, hopefully the second one does well. Just so much smoke was in there. What is in there, what is happening? Hello, anything happened. Was that just a potion of smoke to scare me, bro. I thought an dragon was about to spawn in there. All right, another potion. Okay, just fire has nothing. Nothing too scary. I'm really happy. I didn't throw that on my island though, because, yeah. I would Auburn down and be in flames. So the next one, oh, what what cookies are unlucky. Oh, love. Oh, love this. This is so disrespectful here for unlucky potion. It gave me cookies, bro. I'm keeping this all right, another potion, Bob, let me bring you over here. I'm not gonna kill you cause I think you be a really friendly creature. Let me just slowly drag you onto the island and you can meet one of my good friends, a Bob destroyer. Oh, go go yeah, destroying your story, Bob. Let's go. Yeah, unfortunately we did lose the other Bob destroyed. I'm not sure where you went, but we only have one guy to remain and carry on the Bob destroyer game. All right, this is a very last potion. And a dragon or something, let's throw it. Okay, that was just the explosive potion. Good thing. It wasn't close by and my tools are pretty beaten there we go. Now let's craft some beacons because it would be really helpful when I mind this lucky block so I can give you a regeneration or something just in case something super dangerous sponge and there we go. All four begins are placed out and it does work of the secondary powers. So this should be big enough. I'm surprised I built it perfectly and with all that I should be ready for a boss fight and I'm already on day 85 and I have a lot more lucky blocks to mine so I better get started if I want to reach the end a randomly enchanted book. Yeah that is useless, more eggs and some diamond blocks is my girlfriend. Okay, sponges, that should be helpful. Oh, okay. Oh, okay, okay, please. You do not belong here, but no, no, no, not like this Bob destroyer. No, I thought you lived a good life. No, and you need to get down safely sort of shoot a water gun down there. Oh, no, Bob destroyer. No, you will be missed. Everybody put a rip off the shore in the comments guys that he saved me so many times we lost a true warrior today. A sponsor, more iron gold is around the island though because these guys will protect me and I need some help because these lucky blocks for some pretty crazy things. Alright and let's continue mining. Okay, what hello, what is happening, what is that, it's a tower of mushroom cows. What's the village of riding? It? Okay, that is the weirdest thing i've ever seen. Well, it will probably get weirder from here. Okay, I think we found their home and they're dying. Okay, that's not good, but a whole but, oh, no, we no way we got a brown mushroom cow. How rare is this guy. Okay, we're going to have to make a home for him. Here is your brand new home is very nice and spacious. Talk some names in the Commons, guys as for Mickey M S lucky blog now got clean as all of the zombified piggling golden sword and it has had. Health spawn on it. What is that. And it actually increases my max health. Now I have two extra health bars. I wonder what health spawn does though. Let me test it on a sheep. Okay, not sure. Okay, okay, this isn't good. Don't tell me how to go them like these iron glums just heads on the ground, but these lucky blocks is getting pretty crazy. Now they're spawning entire biomes. Oh, and there's an agent debris right here, even though that's pretty useless. Oh my God. I get a whole bunch of axe a lot. There's no way I should make them a home and hopefully they find their way over to the water. Maybe I need to give them a little trail, maybe they will swim over to the pool of water over here. Oh, they're just swimming off the edge. No, no, that wasn't a good idea. Okay, what is this. I got a rainbow road, a spirals up to the sky. This is probably the weirdest thing. I was not expecting this. Oh, oh, oh, oh, but there was a chest up there. What was that, and, oh my God, 5 pink lucky blocks and golden apples is embodied of enchanting. Let's throw all this on me and let's actually use these five pink lucky blocks. But I'm going to do it inside the obsidian bar just in case it isn't lucky. Let's put all five down and let's just break them all at once. Okay, the first guy was not lucky. Holy cow. Okay, the pressure play is step on it and another beacon. Now we have a total of five beacons as mine the rest. Oh my God. What just happened, okay, thank God I have my totem of undying. I would have been dead right there. Well, one of those lucky blocks just randomly blew up. I'm really happy I made the obsidian box or what I fell into the void as well. If I lived another wishing well, here we are 30 out of 50 lucky blocks in my for the new okay, things get weird and weirder as we mind this thing. There's a tower of cows with the endowment on the top of it. What about look at and what will happen with all of the cows Teleport to me, oh my God is chasing me. What what are you gonna do and what are you gonna do. A good try, buddy. Okay. I'm not really sure what to do with that, but let's just shoot it gave the way i and go on, you might die here. Gay. Yes, we lived, but it kind of blew up part of my house. I got a cat chewy. Okay, even more Lama is nice a cake. It is a special cake. It is not Poly. I got myself a parrot. Nice to meet you, buddy around the enchanted book mending a curse of vanishing as well a really good but very bad enchantment. I'm rich, so I probably don't need that. Oh, silver fish. Okay, not the best thing to get from a lucky block and a bunch of anvil. Okay, oh, kill the blaze, kill the police, kill the police. No, okay, they're all dying super quickly. Thank you, iron golems and scaffolding. Okay, that what's lamason climb scaffolding. That is so weird and now the break dancing. Oh my God, a good thing. Oh my God, that is a lot of phantoms. His lucky block is so crazy tower of chickens with this guy on top, but now we're on to your 7 fire and this is another phase and is telling me to wear, which means a lot of blazes will probably be spawning going to surround this lucky blog with some obsidian so I cannot catch my entire. On fire. Yeah, this is part of the weakest thing i've ever seen in Minecraft. What has Minecraft become a man? And that's what I'm in the fire lucky block. Okay, I'm trapped in the room places and is another portal now. Hello, what just happened. OK, that could have been really dangerous. Let's break myself out of here. At least it helped turn half of my Florence obsidian another well, okay, what will I get. Oh, okay. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. No, i've already i've armed. Oh, okay, you're good. Let me repair you all. Yeah, I want to kiss some iron ingots on me so I can keep repairing these iron and let's continue mining. Oh, not again. Okay, I hate when that happens, my heart jumps. I really need to prepare myself, so I'm going to get this heroes potion just in case it basically has everything I need and what let's continue mining. Okay, a bunch of loot. Oh, some nice bottles. What does the glue of wiser guests. Hello, where do you come from, what are the guests in my chest where where they come from, and there's that guy up there. Okay. Oh, am I on the fire? This is not good. This isn't good. Yeah, this is not good. Take off all the fire. Oh no, stop, stop burning. All right. Let's continue mining another witching. Well, oh, a bunch of walking sitting what that is so cursed. They're just dragging their butt across the ground. That is so weird. Hey, by least we got more blocks to expand the dance floor. Finally, all right. We are 10 lucky blocks away from the next lucky block. Let's see what I get a whole bunch of red stone. Okay, hello Fridays. How many of you are three, oh no, no, how deep is that lava, I'm going to just sank all the way to the bottom. We're. I am out. I'm going to have PTSD man. I'm literally out of totem of a dining. You never mind. Do you have one right here or what in the world just spawn a whole bunch of nether portals. OK is not what I was expecting. Well, there goes all my iron gold on US. Let's get some more of these guys in here and there it is. The lava phase is done and now we're on the fish lucky block and it says in the chat there are some insane loots. So let's see if that is true. Oh, maybe it is true who steel is far aspect 5. Knock back 10. Okay. Hello, let's try this on these guys. Knock. Knock back 10. That is so ope. Okay, it looks like I'm using this instead of my sword. But let's see what else I get a lot of diamonds. I guess they were right about the loot, some chickens a fishy well, with a beacon inside. Oh, as some guardians I did not see these guys. Okay, hello, please get out. There are so many school words in here and another beacon. Well, why are the all these dogs mad at me? Hello, what did I do to you to protect me, I. Okay, guess not. Like I got to deal with them myself. Oh, what is this, oh, there's four fishy lucky blocks in here. Okay, let's mind them up and see what I get a jukebox, more chickens and a bunch of tribes popped out of that one and a whole bunch of mobs a diamond blog, a lot of fish a fishy nightmare that looks painful. Let's give this a test. Let's throw it on to my good friends over here and I think I told you Mr yonder actually, you know they're all dying. Oh, that potion is deadly. Another beacon. Oh. Okay, I am done mine in that block. Oh my God, I was not expecting that to come out. Okay. Well, I'm totally out of Potomac and dying, so this can be really dangerous, but let's throw these beacons down here. I'm running out of space. Only have one space left for a beacon and let's actually make a little barrier like this so I can mind this block without without dying if something explodes again, hopefully hopefully this will protect me and let's continue mining what just bond I got jumped here by a chicken go away. Okay, yeah, I was going to deal with that one. I'm going to just walk away from here a fish. Okay, some poopy armor. What's in burning me, I triggered it, trap everyone. Beware what just happened. Oh, yes, a total of a dying and why did lava just find hello, Whoa, whoa, okay. What just happened. Okay, the entire box of a city is lava. Now let's just cover this up so it doesn't burn with wood and a giant bottle lava spawn with the fish lucky block. That is weird, but let's just. Obsidian and just minded away because that's part of the easiest thing to do. I clean it all up, got tumor Iron gloves in here and let's get right back to mine in the fish lucky block. All three birds here. Okay, I'm going back to them. I'm sorry. Oh, I'm sorry, I don't think it's mad at me. Oh, yeah, he's mad at me. Okay. What is that is that enchanted kelp is a very sharp series sharpness 10 with extra touch of salt. Let's see how strong this thing really is. Let's try on iron, gold and ready one hit two hit, 3 hit oh, that that is a pretty sharp seaweed. I'm sorry, axe, but you're going to have to go. I'm replacing you with a seaweed. Oh, a fish lucky block gave me a fish lucky block lap, but what I can't say hello, okay. I got a special lucky block gave me a special lucky block. Oh my God, okay, what am I saying. Hello, okay, I got a special lucky blog made especially for me with luck 100. I'm kind of scared even though it does say luck 100, I'm still going to sponsor in this obsidian box. Let's put it down here and break it okay, got another fishing. Well, it's probably gonna be a fresh plate. Okay, let's. Okay, that is not that special. Okay, that is very special cheese. That is a lot of beacons. Okay, that is 14 beacons. Oh man, and there's no space for this at all. So let me expand this beacon Peter made really quickly and let's add all 14 beacons and beat on my Wave brother and there's some extra room just in kids to get more beacons, but that is pretty insane. Okay. I'm glad I'm on this side. You guys you guys do with the iron gold lumps, a whole wave of spider spawn and they're all dead now. Thank you, iron gold ones. Thank you. Another okay. Is this another vegan, come on. I begin. Oh, this is not good. It's not good. It's not good. Okay, drinking my hero posted. I'm kind of stuck. Okay, that gave me every enchantment ever, but i'm stuck underneath lava. Oh my God. That scared me good thing I had that opposing on me. Well, it was continue mining. That is a very special TNT enchanted TNT lock and with oh my God, knock back knock back 8 sharp -10 and this piece of TT is actually better than my seaweed. So I'm sorry, seaweed. You're going to be replaced with a block of T And T And let's try this on someone. I'm sorry, cows. I'm sorry, girlfriends, but. No, let's see what other special stuff I can get. I'm only 10 blocks away from the very final lucky block. Which is the strange lucky block and I got a pick axe here. Okay, this is better than all my pick axes efficiency, 5 fortune 5 mending but aqua marine pick axe that is pretty ope and combine it up and the most o.p. pick acts in my craft. The sun is settings. Let's try to get to the strangest lucky block before the sun sets. I got a book written by a cookie God, I didn't write a book. Well, let's see invalid book tag and nice. I got trolled by myself. Okay. Oh, TNT, watch your arrogance. Oh my God. Okay. I think one of them die, but these guys are pretty low health and it kind of blew up my Island. Okay, I did the I did a lot of damage. Good thing. I didn't touch my chest. Oh, we got two lucky blocks. Let's mind them and okay, a gold block sponge, all right, and a lucky story. Okay. Do you not need that, we are so close, I think we're only a couple blocks away. I was only one block at. Oh my God. I was found that whole a draggy egg spawn and then it just blew up and now I'm on the final tier, the strange lucky block the end is near as beef of these iron gollums and let's start mining the strange lucky block. Oh, yep, they were right. The end is very near I got 3 and portal frames. Let's continue mining here. Okay, I got trapped inside a low block of 4 strange lucky blocks. Let's mind them here. Oh, what kind of bow is that. That's a custom bow. I got a strange bow and it looks super cool. What happens if I shoot it? Oh my God. Oh my, this thing is insane. I literally have a Thor hammer, but in. Oh my God. Hold on. Let's come over here, shoot this. I'm going to have way too much fun with this thing. Ah. Ah yes. Yes, I have God powers now I am Thor. I am Thor. No one can defeat me now. No one can stop me. Yes, the power is mine. Yeah, I should be pretty careful with this thing two more left. Let's see Ender pearls and some potions and less o.p. lucky potions. They're not that less opium. You let just say that they are still pretty o.p. last drop. What does that mean, okay, I'm gonna collect it. I'm not sure what last drop means. But there's a plus 25 attacker damage. Is this thing really opioid, how many hits will take the killing. Arrogant, all right, three hits, but oh. OK, another biomass bond and deleted all of my heart earned up city and thank you for that. Now I have no protection at all. Looks like a mining this without the obsidian epic potato. Okay, plus 20 damage, a light gray dye. I'm I'm kind of afraid to pick that up, but let's give it a try is going to kill me. What's 200 attack damage, let's see how fast I can kill it and one hits. Okay, that is so o.p. looks like I don't need any of this stuff anymore. I just need my light gray dye or another explosion. Oh, that's. Visible zombie. Oh my God, there's a couple let's use my like great diet. Easy, easy. I'll let me have your Argyll or even more lucky blocks. Let's place them down and let's mine them up gold gold pants. A gold hole. Is this gold themed a lucky trader. This is not bad, but they're all gold. Okay, okay. Of what is this. See what else, whoa, are these special cookies, a strange cookie. I might have to eat this and see what it does to me. Like, oh, another potion and nothing that kind of scares me for the last lucky block. Okay, let's eat the strange cookie and I don't think it gave me anything. It is a strange cookie. Next up some diamonds more and portal frames exactly what I need. We're almost there. We have 6 in total. We just need six more. Oh, oh, oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Let me get out of my goal. I'm sorry I go. Oh no, hopefully my liquid diet will insecure them ready. Let's go, let's go. Oh my God, okay, okay, let me let me let me let you know, this is not good. This is not good. There's so many I need to kill. Oh my God, hit by hit punch by punch punch, punch. Oh my God. Okay, this is not good. I'm running this is not good. This is not good. I'm eating another golden Apple for me and I'm being swarm. Kim Yo, go go go, I can move okay, okay, leave them over to our city and base. Come on guys, go go, go, go, go. Go, go, go, okay, hopefully they fall off as build up. Let's take my strange bow and let's finally put this to good use die how many of them most of them are dead now we just got a couple left and there we go. Oh, that even killed my villagers, bro, that is so messed up of you guys, bro. My sheep look at all my remains of my sheep. No, at least my brown mushroom cow is still alive and my chickens from day one, they literally murdered. Everything that I am going to got lucky. He escaped on time. Oh, DD, go go. Oh my God. No freaking way. That was so close. That was so close. Well, I had an island and I had valuables. It all got blown up and now I basically have nothing. OK, what do I do now, I mean, at least I still have you my chickens, everything everything is gone. How to you guys when I finish rebuild in this entire place, the ground is now fixed up and let's continue mining this lucky block until we get the day 100 and I just really want The N Porto frame so I can kill the energy dragon. But what is this strange comfy leggings protection 5, let me replace that goodbye pants is not an invisible sword is not really that good, but it's pretty crazy how it's invisible. It's like a light saber, a chicken. I'm sorry, but all of your friends have perished. I'm sorry he doesn't really care in memory of my dad chickens cookie guys, lucky Wolf. Hey buddy, hopefully you can bring me some good luck and get me to the end sorting defeat the Ender dragon soon means okay. A tier 1 lily cave sword sharp. OK, that is a lot of sharpness and looting and fire aspect is not as strong as my leg gray die, but fire aspect 10, I could be really helpful. That's a giant zombie sitting in thin air. Okay, i'm just gonna kill you. I'm kind of worried. Okay, I did not mean to shoot that arrow. Okay, I use the wrong bow. A strange pick axis is invisible. Oh my God. Oh, okay. That makes my aquamarine pickaxe look like a joke. Now this one even has sharpness on it, especially 10. Oh my God, invisible strange apples. That is the weirdest limit you want. I just got absorption. Let me keep eating this. I guess it always gives me absorption. Well, I just wasted it. Okay, a lot of loot. I do need this because I did lose all of my loot. The link, put this in these chest of a block of emeralds and we're 10 blocks away from finishing the entire strange speaking about strange. Okay. What the heck, each one of these grand ice stairs has a different enchantment. Oh, that is a lot of strange items right there. Strange cookies, apples and strange unlucky potion a light red die again, I got two now invincibility potion resistance 5 I'll be helpful. Strange bedrock chest plate. What the heck is this, oh my protection. Look at my armor toughness and my knock pad resistance and my max house, let me put this on. Oh my God, look at my health. Look at my health. I could barely see it blocks half of my screen and now the block is gray. I think we're back. Oh yeah, now it's all random. We are finally done money, all of the tears and I just got a whole bunch of water. Okay, but it's just talking through all the tears now and there's a whole bunch of dinner bones now. Okay, it's getting super weird. Finally time to go to the end and okay, please go away. Thank you. And now that I'm done all of the tears and the phases, it's time to go to the end. Okay, I didn't expected the telephone me to the end the second. But here I am and dragons right there, but let's use all these abilities. Now. Let's drink my less o.p. potion. Give me all of those potion effects. Let's get everything prepared to take my strange bow and start shooting these oh wait. It actually doesn't do anything. Oh, it does. Yeah, let's break all of these crystals. I'll go break right through that. That's so okay. I feel like I can kill this dragon with the. Oh, wait, I was standing in his breath the whole time. I didn't realize that for some reason the end portal frame is up there, but let's break all of these crystals now start shooting the inner dragon. All that does so much damage. That's also drink an invincibility potion just in case ah this is so Opie mom buddy or your school don't fly close to me. You're dead. Yeah. You're done and there we have it. The inner dragon is dead in five arrow shots. That's part of the record time of killing your inner dragon and there we have it and let's go see what that strange lucky block is over there to jump down and let's mind this. I got Camp Fire at night. So hello guys, you guys can't do anything about me cause I'm o.p.. Let me throw this strange lucky portion of your guest. See what happens. Oh, well, I'll levitating. I gave it to myself. No, this isn't good, but thank you guys so much for watching these 100 days on a lucky block 1 block. I am pretty high up in the end and let me know in the comments if you guys enjoyed the video. Thanks for watching. It will be day 200 by the time my levitation is done while I flow. Do you guys make sure to subscribe. Click the notification bell and watch some of my other videos. These videos take me a very long time and i've been playing Monica for three straight days to finish this video. I'm waiting. I'm waiting. I'm I'm not going anywhere. Please subscribe. I have all day. Yeah, I'm still waiting. I'm even higher now. It's a currently day 996. I'm 34 years old with three children and I am still floating. Oh man.