I survive 50 hours in a circle in our core Minecraft that will push my Minecraft skills to the limit and I wanted to challenge myself to see what I can build and accomplish with limited resources within this circle. This is a circle on trapped in and luckily we have a village right inside the middle and if I ever try to leave this circle, I will start taking a lot of damage and as we keep playing more and more hours I will instantly die if I accidentally step out. So let's be careful, let's start exploring this village though and see what we can loot. I am pretty hungry, so let let's just steal a bunch of hay. Yep, that tastes pretty good. Some soggy wet bread and after searching the village I couldn't find myself a blacksmith. The sun is setting those. So let's quickly go to bed before any mob spawn. And since there was no blacksmith, my only choice is this guy all right for our natives isn't too bad and honestly, I don't see much else inside the circle. That's interesting other than this village. Nice yeah, this is going to be challenging. So I spend the rest of the first hour running around the entire circle collecting anything that could be helpful. And the only thing I got was more food and sugar cane. Nice. I have. I'm supposed to collect enough materials to build something. I start with the basics and build myself a house. Let's collect some wood here. But. And I gotta make sure to replant these trees because I don't have enough money to work with. So these are very important for my survival now that I have all of this wood collected, let's start building my first ever house. I was expecting it to look a lot nicer, but I really don't have anything else to work with. So as hours go on, we're definitely going to be improving and upgrading this house until it's up to cookie standard and building this whole thing already took me a full hour. I forgot how hard it is using stone tools. So let's craft a shield and let's go caving and try to find some goodies. Let's see. At that end where we go, let's see what I can find a sheep. I wasn't expecting that and always going deep in okay, there's some copper here and nice. Okay, this one looks promising. We're mainly looking for a coal and iron so I can upgrade my tools and make some armor. Oh, there's some lap business, some more iron, but it looks like we ran into the border here. So if I crossed the border, let's not cross the border. Just stick to my mining. What kind of timing was that. He has a better sword than I do. I don't even have a sword and let's just say this mining run was a pretty successful. We got a bunch of iron, lapis and coal. Let's drop some cornices and smell all this stuff. And now let's finally craft the armor and upgrade my tools that only took me four hours to get and I also took some time to move all of my chests inside the house and organized everything. Well, there's not much so I spent some time collecting more wood and cobblestone just to stack up a little bit now with all these materials, let's craft some cobblestone walls and let's actually protect this entire village because I'm worried about losing these villagers to zombies. They're going to be a really helpful later on the video. And now let's take some coal and craft up some torches so I can light up the entire village and they are free from danger. 

And there we go and Dasha keep the entire village safe from any mobs or any attackers. But next up, let's start working on. What. Wait, wait, wait, wait, there is a song is inside to. Okay. What is going on or zombies inside the the village? And I'm I'm getting mauled by this baby zombie run villagers run. I can't protect you guys. I don't know what's going on. Okay, let's kill all of these zombies. It seems like there's 30 and I'm hoping they're just attacking me and not the villagers run run, run, George. I'll defend the village. Yeah, I think all the villagers are safe. I don't see any more zombies in here seeing that they're all just having a party out here and my axe is just about a break. Oh no, come on. Yep, it just broke. There's more zombies coming a good thing to build this walk because that separates US. Hopefully there's no holes and let's head home across myself a weapon. And the final zombie, a part of the rate is somehow underground. How what. How did you get there, I completed the raids. I was not expecting that in his daytime again, what just happened, well, it turns out every five hours I survive in this circle. I get a random operator from zombies. The skeletons that even charge creepers who really test my Minecraft survival skills, let's go check to see if all of my villagers are still alive. I see one that's good news 2, we got a farmer. Anybody in here 3 4, 5. Okay, what are good, they survived the first rate, but I'm guessing these little cobblestone walls isn't good enough. So we're going to have to transform this village into a survival base to protect all of US from the raids. I found the exact center of the entire circle. So this is where the giant survival base will be built and I'll collect a bunch of villagers and animals inside of here so we can all survive the apocalypse. So for now, let's focus on the basic Minecraft things I build again actual tree funk as right now. I just have random saplings placed around. So let's mind all of these trees for some wood collect the saplings. Let's also craft some more pick axes and get some cobblestone so I can design the tree farm. Now let's make this whole area. But. Now let's build a frame for the tree farm out of wood. Then another frame out of cobblestone. Now let's make some grids out of dirt. That'll be where all the trees will grow. I think no sense. I've built this wrong. It needs to be one blog that way. Of course, I always do something wrong in life. Let's quickly fix this. There we go. It all meets in the middle here. Now let's fill up the grid with some cobblestone. Okay, now I swear it wasn't raining like a second ago. Bro, and now that we have all of these grids, we can just plant some saplings in each one of these squares. And if a math is correct, there should be 36 saplings. Let's give each sapling a friend which is going to be a torch as a pretty bright friend and. What did you say, I can really shine on your life now. Let's just make sure it doesn't grow into a really fat tree. What okay. I thought a half tree just grew in my crew. This this is really boring, just just holding down right-click all day for hours. This is great and all of this should help prevent the trees from growing into some factories. You guys know what I mean. But I'm cheap. So let's save on some cobblestone and we already have a bunch of trees grown so far. So it seems like the rain and the torch friends are working honestly, this whole tree form was pretty unnecessary when I could have just done this. I I literally just done this, but but we don't talk about that anyways. My world inside the circle is looking pretty good. My goal is to transform this entire circle at the end of the 50 hours and for me to do that, I really need to upgrade these tools because mining with iron is so slow. So without being said, let's make some more iron tools and also some food and let's go mining for some diamonds. We are stuck in a pretty confined space. So finding a lot of diamonds might be really hard. So yeah, we're gonna have to search all over these caves and nice great start right into a dead end. Hey, I did find some Redstone. Oh, we're finally hitting some deep slate. That's good and nice. I ran right into the barrier. This is going to be hard and while a mining, I found a lot of lapis gold and red stone and no diamonds. I'm liking the. Yes, I found diamonds right on the edge of the border too. Oh my God, please be a fat stack, please, as 1 2 that's it. Go 3. Alright, I'll take three. That's enough for a pickaxe. They just come out of everywhere, every crack and crevice. Diamonds. Okay. 1 2 bra, just one you kidding me. Is there anything beyond the circle that I can collect this time is over there, should I risk it, I do lose hearts a lot faster now, but there's diamonds over there. Yeah, I'm going to try it. Let's quickly run for it. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. Go go, go, go, go, go, go, go. Go, go, go, go. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go back, go back before I die. Let me tell you guys about dragon city. Dragon city is a free to play mobile game that is available on all devices you can collect over 1000 dragons with different elements and rarities and just like the cookie army and you can even build yourself a dragon army and just like Minecraft, you can grow food, earn gold and find gems to throw and personalize your very own city while advancing to new levels and to grow your dragon empire, you can read 2 dragons together to create a brand new dragon species and once your eggs hatch. You can feed your baby dragons to evolve them and if you want your Dragons to be even stronger. And train up your dragons, teach them brand new attack moves and bring them into battle to gain experience. And if you want to play with friends or other dragon masters, you can pvp and masters arenas or even join in alliance to unlock exclusive rewards. You will also find more dragons of your favorite YouTubers like Mr beast dream and Georgia found so download dragon city by clicking the link in the description or scan the QR code and get yourself a free starter pack with 15000 food, 30000 gold and the rare space being dragons. These movies aren't gonna make it. I'm good. I'm good. I'm good. I'm good. I'm good. I'm good. I'm good. Ooh, I don't know if I want to risk that again. It's it's not worth it going outside the circle with one of my sponsor mine if I do let's lay this. And. A bucket, some horse stuff, folding Apple, no nametag. I'll take that skeleton. 2 golden apples. I'll take that I haven't found diamonds in so long. Maybe the Cuba will expose some old nappies. I mean, that's something. Oh my God. What are the chances of that? And there's only one? Oh my, are you kidding me? Oh, 2 2 2 months ago. Come on, please be more than 3. Please be more than 3. Why is it only veins at 3. Well, I think I searched every single cave within this circle and I only found myself 10 diamonds, so it looks like we're going to have to come up with some new money method later, but now I really need to make myself a food farm because I'm running out of bread and I kind of live off these villages forever. Wait never mind. I see them. Hey, left. I'll just live off this for now. Now I'm just kidding. So I spend the remaining hour collecting as many seeds as I can since I'm lazy, I'm going to use these villagers to help me farm because they need something to do, right, so let's combine these two farmlands already to one giant 1 about this size and let's fill it all up with some dirt and we all know having water like this isn't that efficient. So let's put it like this instead now we're gonna take my iron hole and hole up off this ground until it looks something like this and now let's take the seeds and just plant them all over. I can't believe we're on like the eighth hour and I just started farming there we go. We just need some light and we got ourselves a week farm and now we're going to take some fences and trap these farmers in so they work for me forever. Yeah, I can't think of anything more evil to say. Now it's kind of awkward and the farm is done now. I'm going to have unlimited food since we're an hour and a half away from the next rate. Let's start working on a survival base. So the style I'm going for here is kind of like a watchtower outside the perimeter of the village. So whenever the raids come by, I'm ready to defend my village and I'm going to use some trap doors as the walls for the watchtower and if I flip them upwards like this, it will prevent me from falling off and it's also functional if I ever want to crouch over the edge and attack the mobs. Now let's make the wash tower even taller and this area will be like an archery area. Let's add a little bit more decoration and I should be ready to fight this raid since we're only an hour away from the raid. Let's use my diamonds finally and upgrade my tools. So while I waited a harvest at my crops harvest at my tree farm and just spoke to my villagers, yeah, it was a very exciting conversation. I also fell asleep a few times. The rest. Yeah, I'm lazy. It's our 10 now and I run over to my watch tower. I have no idea when this Ray is going to start. But I have a feeling is going to start any time. Let's. Oh, no. Oh, no, okay, good thing around here. What mars are these there's there's some underground. Hello. Oh my God, this one is off my watch tower. There's so many I need to get them out of my village, so let's make a run for it quickly. Oh no, this isn't good. Okay, I need to put a block here so they can escape one. Oh my God, this is not good at all and let's run over here and break this block. Okay, let's go back to my watch tower. I should be safe up here and I'm not gonna be away, please. I think my village is protected and safe and now I just gonna get rid of all of these guys. I only have a five arrows, so I'm gonna have to come down here and smack them with my axe. We already killed 7 zombie villagers, so it's only 28 left to go. Did you guys see a zombie just came down the latter. No, this is no fun. Let's let's go down with my sword. Let's hop down and oh God, okay, I got the baby. That's the scary guy and let's just kill all these guys on the ground and I think that was the last one. Let's go, we completed the rate and we didn't die. I have a feeling the rates are going to get really hard after this though. So we're going to have to make a lot of improvements to our surgical world. The first thing I need to do to improve is to get more diamonds. I really need a full set of diamond armor and I'm pretty sure the best y level to mine for diamonds is 58 now, so let's start strip mining because I already explored all of the caves. Let's see how many diamonds I can get within an hour and we hit the edge of the circle and there's no luck and diamonds yet. Oh, so let's go all the way back to the other end of the circle and no luck this way either. Oh, man, this is going good guys. Yeah, I might just give up here. Oh my God, we're 50 minutes in and. Ran into diamonds. Look how broken my pickaxes all five well, all of these diamonds I just got is to repair this pick axe and we only have 10 minutes left until it's been one exact hour. I just ran to more diamonds only four minutes to go. Can I find more races on now? My big eyes is just about a break, so I should probably leave the strip mind for now and call it a day. Let's mind straight up so I could get out of here. No, I gotta mind my way out with my fist. Oh my, this takes forever. I'm gonna be stuck down here for an hour. Well, I'm in pain right now. I'm literally just holding that left click for like this is so painful. Oh my God, what I do this to myself, I literally kind of just walked around my trip. Oh my God, I made it to a cave. Let's go, please don't be a debt has me another way out, please, please. Please. This is just going to get circles. Okay, looking promising is that and nice. Okay. And after about another 30 minutes, I finally made it home. That was the most painful thing ever. My fist hurts from fisting the ground. I got myself another pickaxe and it feels good. Now let's focus on getting enchantments. The very first thing we need is a fletching table. So let's go grasp some gravel. Yes, another Flint, I'm so lucky. There we go. We want a job. Yeah you do. Now we can try for some emeralds and we're finally advancing. Well, you get a bow as well. I'm going to need that brought you up this price to 57. What do you think this is a game now, I'm going to need some bookshelves. So let's make a simple little sugar cane farm. I am I'm not sure why I made this so big for only nine pieces of hurricane. Yeah. And I'm also going to need a lot more leather. So there's only one option, guys. These horses are running away from me and I don't really know why and I can't really reach them. What if I grab some apples and baited them over a commuter buddy, are you not, do you not like apples, is my childhood been alive the whole time? I'm coming for you. You know what. Also take the Cherokee right here. No, no, no, no, no. Oh, I wasn't nervous at all. There are no other signs of horses or cows anywhere along this circle to give me more leather, but don't worry. I have another plan that craft myself a fishing rod. I'm pretty sure one of the junk items I can get from fishing is leather. So let's try to get some or look at what's going on at the corner of my screen right now. They're just a parade of these pillagers going through the water. Yeah, that's good news though. I can start a raid, I guess I'm totem, but I don't think I'm prepared for that yet, so you just leave me alone. Okay. Yeah, I'm starting to think what I read online was alive. That might be the rare thing to get fishing. 9 pieces should be enough, though. Look at my sugar cane is going a little bit, so let's harvest this and plant some more while I waiting for the sugarcane, I also traded with the villagers. I run out of sticks, so I had to harvest my tree farm again and trade even more and for the rest of the hour, I just avicad my sugar cane farm. Okay, we're on hour 13 and i've been waiting for 20 minutes already and all I got was four pieces of 5. Sorry. So while the way I'm going to try to make a little trap for the next rate as craft up a bunch of more buckets and also some trapdoors. And now I just need some lava system here. I might as well collect some obsidian for the enchantment table and let's just dig out a giant hole. I think this will do now. Let's just take this bed and go to sleep now. I'm just kidding. Okay, right here in the middle will be where you will stand and now let's just fill in these corners with some lava and okay, that's a problem needed to spread all over. So what do I do. And let's just make the love of flow down because I'm too lazy. Again, another piece of love of here we go. And now if a line of the edges with some trap doors, mobs in the next rage, should it be confused and just walk off the edge into the lava and I'm going to be a mathematical genius. So hopefully this trout works if there are skeletons. That that might be the end for me. So let's pray the north galaxy and we will call this the epic trap 9000 yeah solid name. Alright, bring a creeper over to my trap. And if I jump right here in the middle, you should just walk off the edge. Oh, no, my own blow please. Who is the idiot? This is all gonna work. Let's finally take all of the sugar cane by am by am and all I need is one bookshelf. We turn that into a lectern. We give a homeless man a job who wants it. You know now we can trade for bookshelves, please lower your price. I beg. I'm going to need seven more bookshelves to get love with 30 enchantments, so I spend the rest of the hour collecting more wood training up to get some bookshelves now that we have some bookshelves. Let's craft yourself in an enchantment table and let's build. I thought I had an electron. I tried to click space as build it right here for now, but we're gonna build a really nice enchantment table area for this cause it's super special. This would make me some big progress. Let's grab some lapis. I did it again. I thought I thought on it later on again and please okay, fortune 3. That's really good. I just really want efficiency and unbreaking, please, please, please oh. There's efficiency but no unbreaking. Let's craft another diamond pickaxe and bring some books with me cause I really want a fish or there's unbreaking on this diamond pickaxe elbow, a book flame. I think I'm gonna do it. And not the best enchantments since we have some enchanted diamond pig axes. Let's go mining for some more diamonds. I really need to build some stairs up here though. This is really this is my boot leg staircase before we go mining. Let's get myself some more food and we only have about 45 minutes until our 15 comes. So this is a race to see how many diamonds I can get. Oh my God. It's like the first two minutes and I got diamonds. I'm using fortune 3. Oh my God. Yeah, that's the biggest vein ever and I already got 16. Oh my God. I manage to find way more diamonds than usual and ended up getting a stack in 25 of fortune 3 and a bunch of other goodies. Now that is day 15, we can use these diamonds to make some diamond armor. Yep, that feels really nice and also to enchanted bow, I really need infinity that will make my life really easy. Okay, bad. Come on, please one more chance infinity. We got this though with only seven arrows, so I basically haven't advanced at all since the last 5 hours, but I'm thinking I'm ready for the raid. Let's just stand around here. Wait. Oh, no, okay. Here comes a rage. Oh my God, there's so many babies hobbies. I don't like babies hobbies. Okay. Oh my God, thank God I made the. Why is the skeleton become, yeah, let's kill the skeleton skeleton almost killed me into this lava and jump back here. It's working. The trap is working. Oh my God, I I picked the best hour to build this trap without that trap those babies on me definitely would have killed me. So that was really good planning. Hey, hey, we did it. I'm still going to build an epic survival base. I will have a giant lava moat around the base for the next thing I want to accomplish is to build A X B farm and a mop farm now that I have an enchantment table, I really need to exhibit and chat all of my armor and my extra tools. So we're going to need a lot of materials to build this mob farm and luckily I do have a lot of cobble deep slate and I can turn that into slabs. So all I really need is more wood, so let's harvest this and that should be enough to start and let's go build this over at the edge of the circle somewhere just because it looks super ugly in the sky. Let's start right here. And we finally made it up and the circle looks pretty insane from up here. It makes me realize how small of an area I have to work with and all the limited resources I have compared to the endless world around me, but you obviously don't. Okay, there's no way I missed, right. No, I got you guys now for the latter. So God and I'm going to be one of the most classic mob farms. So here's a quick montage. And it seems like it's already working not a ton of mobs, but anything will get me some more XP. So let's just hold the scriptures. Don't blow up on me and my farmers pretty well cause I have 45 levels already. Let's use all this to enhance my armor and I might have gotten the worst of champions ever in the history of Minecraft. Look at this. Just take a look at this. At least it looks shiny, I guess since it's my farm gives me a ton of bones. Let's turn all of this into some bone meal and now I can make unlimited food without these stupid villagers planting beetroot like who wants to eat beetroot. What is this, let's go more bread. But now that we're getting closer to our 20, I start constructing the survival base right in the middle of the circle. So let's first remove this house that's in the way. 

Yeah. Has also removed this farmland and now we're going to need a lot of wood for this. So yeah epic mining time. So we're going to have to terraform this mountain here and flatten it out. So I call myself a shovel. Let's try to get a finish to you, please. Okay, nice, almost impossible not to get efficiency on that. And this. Okay, I was going to say it all was impossible not to get a finish. So let's talk carefully on the line and fly in the notes. Bro bro bro bro bro, look at this gay there's there's a baby song with gold armor. That's not that's not that crazy, but look at his dad. They both got gold armor. What are the chances of that. And now let's start billing my survival base. So I got the basic frame of the surrounding base complete and spend the rest of the Arab collecting more materials. 

Now that we have more materials, let's do a little bit more decorating. Let's make a bunch of trap doors and line them up on this edge right here. So it prevents me from accidentally walking off. You see, I can't walk on it and now I can I can't walk on. I can pretty genius. It has some dirt and some trap doors on the sides of it and we'll wait for the grass to grow on top of it. Then we're just doing like some flowers here and planting them right here. This might be the most peaceful looking survival base ever. So now let's add the best of both worlds. Let's build a little moat right below my survival base. I will have a giant hole in it then I'm going to take this idea I had over here and apply it to my survival base. So that's my own a moat around my survival base and now that we have this dugout, I would need to fill it up with lava and I don't think this would be enough. I only have three buckets here. Well, that is the exact reason why I collected more obsidian so I can build myself another portal, finally go to the nether. I just need some Flint for some Flint and steel. What what what does this look. Oh, wait, I have fortune 3. I thought I just got 15 flints with a normal shovel, bam and bam, that's craftsmen, gold armor and let's head over to the nether. Oh my God, that that is pretty perfect. I need a lover, so. This is great and in the nether dimension I can actually travel as far as I want so I can find myself some pretty good, some pretty good and valuable things and I finally made it over here. Oh my God, that was actually my first one. So that was actually really lucky and some gold iron. Wow, that was the most worst loot ever. Can I get lucky and get with her skeleton head, nope. For now let's get out of here now. I can take all of these lava buckets and just pour them into this moat over here and there we go. Hopefully the entire base doesn't burn down. Let's make a bunch of trap doors and line them up on the edges. And with these extra trap doors, I can make a little bridge over to my base like that and I can always close it down when the rate comes and I'll be all protected inside my survival base. I then build my house inside the survival base and I have officially moved into my new house that doesn't have a roof. I did I didn't plan this out perfectly as you can tell, but let US not worry about the small details. I'm really running low on food though. I only have apples, so let's start making a small potato farm. 

And my final piece of bread. Now we're switching to potatoes and right before our 20 hits. I realized there are a lot of dogs around this circle and just one shroud in the water. So I took some bones and made all of them my pet. Oh yeah, I got an army. No. I i had a dog, at least i have two more. No, no, yeah, you guys sit down. You you guys sit down for the rest of your life. Yeah. Bro, both of my dogs just burned. Oh my God, are William. You're staying right there in that corner and you're not moving an inch. My dogs that I owned for less than 20 seconds. That that's so sad. It's our 20 and that means a rate is coming. So let's grab my bow and my 4 arrows. Good thing, I have a mob farm that will give me unlimited arrows. Yes, now I should be good for the raid. Let's click and run into my survival base and get in here and you're going to read what are the oh my God. They're on the base of I didn't plan this fully through okay, as soon as they were all a zombie villagers and how are they in my base, it seems like a lot of them burned. Oh God, there's a lot over there. Oh, wait, the mountain is literally connected to my serapo base. Yeah, my brain is pretty small and now I have bone arrows, I can just kill them from up here and there we go. That was pretty easy. I can't even imagine when the Ray consists of charge creepers. That's gonna be a tough day. So even though this arrival base works out pretty well, we're going to have to continue upgrading it. Very firstly, I want to do is build a village or breeder as I can't promise all of these guys will stay alive. So since we don't have any sheep around, we're gonna need some. Where's all the string. Oh, I don't have spiders. No, that's a problem I was going to use a string I got from this mob grinder to make wool for beds, but I stop spiders from spawning, so let's pray that there are some sheep around here. I see two let's head over here and grab a piece of wheat. Let's try to attract them. Come on, please, please smell it. Use your nose, please. Okay, I'm going to run out for a quick second. Hopefully they smell it. Come on. Come on, come on, come on, come on. Yes, yes, they smell it. Yeah, where are you going, oh, he's coming in at least K. Oh my God, we got two sheep. Let's dig I don't know. Where are you going, where are you going, where are you going. No, no, no, no, stay in there, please, dad, let's actually bring them over here by the village right in this corner and we're going to trap them with offenses. And now I'm going to take all of this wheat that I'm growing now. I just need to replan. Give me a moment and breathe them. Let's go. We got ourselves a sheep farm and I spent some time collecting some wool. Now I can craft some beds and be able to village a breeder. And we already have a baby. What I look to wait for 2 seconds and there's already a newborn jumping on the bed. All right, these guys are up to something while they have their fun. Let's now destroy all of their houses because they're already living pretty happily inside this farm and it seems like they don't care at all about their homes. So let's say goodbye to. Clearing out all these houses took me a while and I still have three more to go. All those houses were actually pretty painful to destroy, but now this entire world looks pretty empty. Don't worry, I have a pretty good planet transformed this entire circle. First things first is clean up this entire area by removing this cobblestone wall and now let's grab some dirt and some water and let's start cleaning this entire place up because this terrain is so ugly and messy and it really bothers my OCD. 

Yeah, that looks a lot better and it gives me a lot of space to build a megabase before we do that, we really need to move these villagers because they're trapped in this ugly farm. They produced a lot of babies though, because we have twice the amount of villagers and that also means unlimited iron. Yeah, 16 ingots. So for this new village, I'm going to build these villagers. I want to build it out of stone bricks and it just costs way too much to smell the cobblestone into stones. So I spent some time collecting some XP when chaffer still touch pickaxe. And I guess so touch so touch does not like me. I got go all the way back up there and that's a pain in the bum. It's so hard to get so touch on a pickaxe. I literally have on an axe. Can I just mind stone with it, oh my. Yes, I got so touched, but it does. Efficiency. Let's just craft another pickaxe and pray I get efficiency, but once okay, that works too. That works to spend the rest of the time collecting stone. Yep, it was pretty boring. And I also need a lot of wood and i've collected wood so many times. So I should really automate this tree farm, but now most of the things I need and let's by working on the frame of this brand new village. There we go. That looks a lot cleaner. I just need it. I'm not sure English is cool now now as you be ready. This wow, this is a pretty good start. Now, let's just blow up the foundation a little bit. It's not looking too bad so far. But this is just a start because on top of it. I'm going to build a giant wood structure that will be the actual village. 

Okay, I got the frame built up for the village house. These guys better be grateful and now I need to fill in the roof and I don't want to use more oak because first, I'm lazy to collect it and there's already way too much wood around here. So I have an idea. Let's head over to the nether and let's find myself a crimson or a warped forest. I see a Warped forest or a Warped tree. I just need to make it all the way over. 

Over there, that's going to be painful. Whoa, whoa, whoa. What the heck I just ride into ancient debris. I hate it. I mean, there we go. I was going to plan on money for some, but I just found it just appeared into my hands. Let's go, I'm the luckiest guy alive. Okay, this war force doesn't seem that big. There's not a lot of trees to grow around here. So there's usually a crimson forest connected to a warped forest. There's a crimson over there too. It doesn't look like those good ones. The ones with a lot of gold, so we'll save that for another day right now. Let's collect a bunch of crimson wood. Yeah. Hey, hey, so I finally made it back home and let's turn off these stems into some stairs. Hopefully this is enough. Okay. Yeah, that's funny. And now let's go through the painful process of filling in this entire roof with crimson stairs. Yeah, finished filling up the roof and actually I really liked the red crimson, but i've been on our 25 for a while now and I haven't gone the raid yet, but let's just wait up here until it happens. Here he goes. Okay and listening to stealth is now never got stealthily before. Oh my God, throw up here. Oh my God, I need to get down. It looks like my oh my God, my articles are going and saying, I love it, just kill them off. Please. Let's go. Thank you already go and there's only one left. Where does the last one? Oh my look at the amount of arrows and everything on the ground there is you think you can hide to get out, get down from there, boy. Yeah, yeah, let's go to I suppose to help even though I killed your family like an hour ago. But it seems like they didn't remember and while we were talking about skeletons during the biggest rate ever. These villagers are just he's fully sleeping in their beds like they're not even bothered at all. Look at these guys. All right, the top part of the village house is complete. Now it just needs to work on this bottom part. All you do is add some glass down here, but oh, hello. Okay, goodbye. I wanted to use darker staying glass. But I don't think I could get a great dye anywhere. Wait, there is a lake over here. Are there any squids inside. Please, there's one oh, there's the whole family. All right, give me your ink socks maybe and I only got 10. I don't think that's gonna be enough. There's some over here. Let's try to enchant a loading three sword. I finally got loading three and if I combine all of these swords, now, that's a pretty o.p. sword. Now I should begin a lot more ink sacks from killing these squares. Now you can combine them to make gray dye, which will make me gray stained glass and it's filling the windows with some glass and now we just need to work on the door entrance and there we go. The entire village house is complete. I just need to decorate the inside. Now that's gonna be painful. 

So I mainly want three levels to this house. This would be the main floor kind of the chilling area of the villagers. The second floor will just be the farms and the top floor will be full of beds so they can make the magic happen. So now let's start working on the second layer, which will be the farm. Now the second floor complete, I just need to fill it in with a lot of dirt for the farmland and I'm going to try to hide some water in between these little cracks here and when I fill it up like this, you won't even know that there's water hidden in between the walls. Now let's hold the ground and the water in the walls won't reach to the middle here. So I'm going to have to make some pockets of water like this. Let's get working. And now for the third floor, there we go and this whole area will be full of bed. So let's joint all of these and there's line of this entire area with beds. I spent some time fixing up the walls and the. And now it's actually a time to move these villagers into their new home. Let's build a fence walkway that leads into the doorway right here. Here we go. And you guys are free to enter your brand new house that it is much better than mine. Look how poopy mine looks and then look at this. You guys are so lucky. Let's take a bunch of potatoes and let's replant all these potatoes inside the villager's home and why are there zombies, just daco and armor inside the house, like why why do they have armor full armor, this is even fair. So now let's wait till night and I thought they would detect their beds all the way up there, but I guess they're kind of dumb, so I have an idea. Let's run up their mansion, steal a few beds, and let's put a bed over here. So it attracts them all. Yeah, a few of them detective. So come on, come on babies. All right here they come and let's Brit. Oh no, no, no, no. Oh, they escape. I got to be careful. Just put one over here and they should detect this one now slowly creep over here, break that just bait them over into their new house. It's kind of sad that I gotta bathe them into like a giant mansion. Oh no, you aren't going to help me up. They would get a good oh my God, there's another one. It was save me. Oh, yeah. Yeah. You launch the zombie into the mansion. But now that most of the villagers are here, I can just trap them in there and they are stuck forever and there's only one villager here that wasn't smart enough to make it over there. So you got to defend yourself. I'm removing this farm. It's way too ugly to be here and it seems like all of these villagers are pretty happy to be in their new home and now I really want to upgrade my armor and tools to navigate and I already have two pieces of agent debris, which is really lucky, which means I need to find them both 30 more pieces of grid everything. So let's mind down to y level 12 and no way are he found a piece, okay. That's a great start. Now i've got to do his mind in a straight line for hours until we find 8. Oh my God. Oh my God. I've never been this lucky before. What. Oh my God, the 7th. All right, we found two. The streak is over the secret cookie army clubs the best oh my good, let's go when I talk about the superior army club, I just find aged debris. Yeah. Oh, finally got another one. Please be three nice. Oh yes, yes, tuna roll. Yes, yes, three let's go. All right, it's been an hour and I got 19 pieces of agent debris. I feel like that was really successful. Which makes a total of 21. Meaning I need only 11 more pieces to turn everything into another right. I then repaired my pickaxe and went right back to mining for age and debris. At this time it was a lot harder to find. I was not as lucky as the first hour. Okay, finally, I managed to get 33 pieces of ancient debris and I was very painful, but I spent the full hour 30 inside the nether and I haven't gotten the rate. Yes. So I'm kind of worried it wants to get through this portal. There's only a raid waiting for me. So I'm gonna prepare and get this arrow and sword ready just in case let's go through. Oh, God, okay. So far. So good is making a run for my base and I made it, oh God. I should probably move this thing. No, no, no, okay, they're skeleton and you go, oh, this morning everywhere horses too. Yeah, I need I need to get to those iron golden. Oh my God, there's so many are unless we were having arrow battle. God, I'm gonna I'm gonna dice you. There's so many of them. I'm not sure whether there's horses with us. Skeletons don't get to ride them. I guess they can't there's skeletons in my surrounding base get out and let's get inside here and now I do have high ground all over the iron golden save me, please. Okay, a bunch of them fell into the lava and it seems like the rest are just horses now. All right. Well, I feel kind of bad killing these horses, but. And there we go. Rate is complete. I wasn't too bad. I'm really worried for the creeper rate though, so I really have to upgrade my survival base. So now let's smells of all the Asian debris and I don't even have anything to smell with. I am poor. Well, let's go back to the basics and go caving for some coal. Now let's grab my fortune pickaxe and start reminding all the coal. Well, if you get stirred in two pieces of the coal, you guessed, right, I have a cookie. I guess let's craft a smithing table, but that's craft of some in gets here and let's finally put it on my tools. I'm not going to open my armor just yet another right. Though. These enchantments are pretty bad. The. 

That's the worst enchantments ever. 

Yeah. What is all of depth charter keep getting depth charter, a depth charter depth charter. What it's like the same exact enchantment. Hey, there we go. We got pretty good enchantments, I'd say other than my boots. I kind of get feather falling, but that took me a very long time, but we look pretty cool now though the next thing I want to do is upgrade my survival base into something more fancy like this. It was this a rival base is. 

What the how does the magma cube get in here? They can't just spawn on lava, right. They have to come from another the portal is all the way over here. This guy went on a journey. Let's actually make you my pet. Let's take a name tag and let's call him cube man. I just need to get down here. And Bayonne oh O O O O Q man, I'll make you a new home soon. Just just please don't die. I'll build a cube and a special home in my new cerebral base. Let's build it right over here and the block of choice with this brand new arrival base will be quartz because it's way faster than wood and cocoa stone. So it's an entire hour collecting courts. It was very fun. So I ended up mining for about two hours and yeah. I got a lot of courts, so now we just need a place on all of these courts. Yeah, I thought that would be a lot bigger, but now let's replace my pickaxe with a fortune. Was my fortune ah there we go and let's mine it all up. There are some guesses on how many quarters blocks this will. And I thought I would get a lot more coarse than that. Wow. And I'm going to need a lot more stone bricks. So I spent the rest of the hour collecting that. So now that I have all the materials as working on a circle frame for this brand new survival base. Okay, I can't build the circle man already messed out twice is not lining up. This is so frustrating. Like I look at all other creamers. Okay, this is my worst nightmare. What. What is the black stuff coming up? OK, OK, I'm hiding up here. There's no chance of kubernetes up here, right, okay, let's get rid of all of these creepers. Good thing they can't touch me from up here. I should be sick. I just write out the arrows. Oh my, no, oh, good, good. Okay, that actually kind of works. All the creepers are falling into the moat. This is actually working out pretty good. They are pretty stupid. They're falling into the lava only two more creepers left and this is one and that is the last one right here. Oh my God, that was actually really scary. And now this is messed up. What is this is a circular lopsided what did I do wrong here, okay, let's break this entire frame and redo it okay, after about 15 minutes. I finally got the circle, right, that was very painful. Now let's just build it up a few blocks. I give it a floor. All right, I finished the entire foundation and I already ran out of stone. Yeah. Well, there's time to continue mining stone for the rest of my life. This is great. I can build a staircase up to the top of the platform just like this. Let's make some railings and this would be the grand entrance into my survival base. Now let's grab my quartz, turn some into pillars and let's place down a bunch of quartz pillars around the stone brick that's not looking too bad. Now let's craft up some court slabs and that's been a ring around the pillars. And I have a pretty good idea on what to put on the inside of this ring. I feel like some of you guys are going to be happy with this. Let's grasp some iron. Let's craft some shears and let's collect some. Yeah. Has placed down some leaves on the inside of this ring. And if you're not dealing with leaves. You're not doing it right so far is looking pretty good. Let's be this up and let's work on the top layer of this survival base and up here at the very top, I want to have a layer of grass, so let's jump down. Oh look, my cube guy still alive. Cool. Let's grasp some grass and some dirt and now let's just line this whole place up with some dirt there we go. Now let's put down some pieces of grass around so it will slowly spread. And now at the very top of the surrounding base, I want to build something that looks like that. So now let's take some wood, turn it into planks and let's make a circle on the inside, which will be the main part of the survival base. 

I'm going to be honest, this this is very ugly. I don't like this at all the mixed with wood and quartz is just not a good mix. Maybe I can try to make it look better by adding a border around here with some leaves on it like this. Let's try to add some windows into this base and see how it looks. I do like the look of the windows a lot more and I can actually see out of my base and know if there are any mobs coming for me, I spend the rest of the time adding a few more details to make the place look even better. Yeah. All right, I do think this looks a lot better with the stone over here is little support of things and even added a ring of slabs. I want to have the same thing that I have over here, a lava moat. All right, I have the trench dugout and now I just want to replace this wall with some stone brick. So it looks fancy. There we go. That looks a lot better and all you got to do now is get a bunch of trap doors to put on these edges for off some up and line up these edges. Let's joint a bunch of lover from the ocean or the other. Now let's line a row with a bunch of lava and it's done now no moss will ever cross into my serapo base unless they swine inside of it. Which will probably happen. But there's one thing I want to do before we call it done, we got to move the cube man over to his new home. Let's dig out a little tunnel for him that will connect the two moats together. Let's fill it in with some lover. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. And hopefully eventually the cute man will cross this path over into his new home and it's basically the same thing, but bigger. Oh, he's going he's going he's going, oh no, he turned around. What are you doing, are you following me, I can drag him into his new home. Let's go come to his new home. He's moving very, very slowly though. And. 6. Come on. Oh, you're so close. Come on, man. There's literally a pixel blocking him from coming in. Let's put a truck door down here and jump. Yes, now let's actually decorate the interior of this Ravel bass. Just looking pretty homemade in here now. I just need to move everything and so give me give me give me that scared me and now I just need to move all of these items over there and organize it. Yeah, this is going to be painful. Finally, all of my stuff is moving into my brand new survival base. This took me so many hours to complete and it's pretty awesome. See the stages of bases I went through, but the end is coming a little sooner than I expected. All the running got me pretty low on food though, so let's come over here to the village and harvest their potatoes. It seems like they haven't been working very good. Ugh. Wait, wait, where's all my villagers, no, no, no, no, no. No, they all died. I didn't like this area of zombies must have spawned. No, there's not a single villager left zombies. Oh, that's so painful being confined in one circle is pretty hard. At least I Stoke up potatoes when I was casually harvesting my potatoes, I didn't realize it hit hour 40 and the second I left the village the rate. Oh, no, is our 40. Oh, they're charts creepers. Oh, kiss. This is not good. Oh my God, they're everywhere. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, I have a shield for God. Oh. I need to eat. I need to eat no. Oh, no. Oh, no, go away, go away, go. Oh, no, this is not good. I made it up here and they're all falling inside, which is great. Okay, I don't know where the last guy is, but look at my base, it is so ruined. This is Chris. No, 40 hours down the train. Well, that is the end. No, I never die in these challenges. That is the pressing. Well, it hurts to say I feel the challenge if you get 150000 likes, I'll try it again. But that was so sad. All those hours are gone. Thanks for watching and make memories. Also, don't forget to download dragon city by clicking the link in the description below to get your free starter packet to become a dragon.