The 10 best things to do in Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany's second-largest city, has long been the site of one of the continent's biggest ports. Along with learning about the area's extensive maritime history, there are a tonne of intriguing architectural landmarks and cultural organisations to visit. It is also well known for its vibrant nightlife, including stories about the Reeperbahn's revelry.

Elbe River links Hamburg to the North Sea, where it has long prospered as a separate city-state and Hanseatic League participant. There are still some beautiful historic churches to view along with its revived warehouse sector, despite being extensively destroyed in WWII. More than 2,500 bridges, more than Amsterdam, London, and Venice put together, crisscross its centre.

Along with trade and transportation, it serves as a significant media hub and is home to several of Germany's largest newspapers. Other activities in Hamburg include visiting its world-class museums and attending spectacular performances in the Elbphilharmonie, one of the city's most iconic structures.

Hamburg, Germany, Attractions Map
10. U-Bootmuseum
The wonderful U-Bootmuseum lets you go inside a Cold War submarine and is a tonne of fun to explore. It was built by the Soviets in 1976 and is currently permanently moored alongside the Norderelbe, just a short distance from the city's well-known fish market. The stealthy Tango class U-boat, one of the biggest non-nuclear submarines in the world, was typically utilised on extended patrols or for espionage operations. It has a length of 90 metres and was decommissioned in 2001. Visitors board and leave through its bow and stern. You'll see the crew's small sleeping quarters as you stroll around, along with the engine and torpedo compartments. Although cramped, the museum is undoubtedly worthwhile because you don't get to view inside a submarine very often. It was fascinating to examine all of its outdated machinery, navigate its cramped passageways, and learn about its time spent in the Soviet Navy. 

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