Flamethrower-wielding rapper to surrender to NYPD

The flamethrower-wielding rapper who lit up the night sky from the top of a Brooklyn bus will turn himself in Wednesday afternoon, according to his lawyer. — real name Christopher Dupree — will surrender to police at the 79th Precinct stationhouse in Bedford-Stuyvesant around 1:30 p.m., attorney Cary London said.

NYPD sources confirmed that they’re awaiting Dupree’s surrender.

The little-known rapper went viral after a wild video emerged of him leaping to the top of an MTA bus on Putnam Avenue near Franklin Avenue on Nov. 8, and letting loose with a flamethrower.

The stunt was part of a tribute to rap group Wu-Tang Clan, according to Dupree’s social media.

Flamethrowers are legal in New York State, but Dupree could face charges including reckless endangerment.

About 25 passengers were aboard the bus at the time, and while none was injured, the MTA and police union officials blasted the spectacle as another example of urban decay.

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