‘Glass and plastic’ bits found in recalled Hot Pockets

Hot pockets are in hot water.

More than 762,000 pounds of Hot Pockets were recalled this month due to “possible foreign matter contamination.” Specifically, the frozen snacks potentially contained the extremely unwanted surprise ingredients of glass and hard plastic.

Nestlé Prepared Foods recalled the more than half a million pounds of Hot Pockets after determining they may have been contaminated with “extraneous materials, specifically pieces of glass and hard plastic,” the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced Friday.

The problem was discovered after no less than four consumers reached out to Nestlé to report they’d made the unpleasant realization that their pepperoni Hot Pockets contained non-edible substances. One person reported a “minor oral injury” related to consumption of the contaminated Pocket.

The recalled products, which all have a February 2022 expiration date, contain 12 “premium pepperoni made with pork, chicken & beef pizza garlic buttery crust” Hot Pockets, are in 54-ounce carton packages and include lot codes 0318544624, 0319544614, 0320544614 and 0321544614.

Should you be among the unlucky ones to have purchased the product, the FSIS recommends you throw it away or return it to the place of purchase.

Nestlé’s Hot Pocket recall follows the company’s December recall of approximately 92,206 pounds of Lean Cuisine, specifically the baked chicken entree flavor, also due to possible hard plastic contamination.

Earlier this month, the US Food and Drug Administration this month announced a recall of 11,371 Weis Markets ice-cream containers for being “contaminated with extraneous material, specifically metal filling equipment parts.” That recall also followed an ice-cream eater making a very unwanted finding in their food.

There has been one report of a customer who discovered an intact piece of metal equipment in the Weis Quality Cookies and Cream Ice Cream,” the FDA wrote. “There is concern of an additional piece of equipment present in the ice cream product(s) possibly presenting a choking hazard.”

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