PS5 fans cause Black Friday chaos at GameStops across the country

Black Friday was a bust this year, but not for those selling the new Playstation 5.

Videos show hourslong lines in front of GameStop stores and unruly crowds of eager fans trying to get their hands on the freshly released $500 console.

“The second they opened the doors to the mall,” Agata Lendziszewska told ABC7 of a clip she recorded on Black Friday showing gamers running and falling through Fort Myers, Florida’s Port Charlotte Town Center toward a GameStop.  

“You guys need to relax,” one security guard demanded of a disorderly crowd at a Irvine, California, GameStop. 

In Dublin, California, 20-year-old Tyler Lopez waited 36 hours to score one of the only two PS5s being sold at his local GameStop, but said he had no regrets. “Definitely relieving,” he reflected after finally getting the device. “The console itself was already good enough, but now I get to be on the news. Even better!”

One Florida shopper began waiting in line Wednesday for his GameStop’s Black Friday opening; another brought a mattress and bedding to the entrance of a Norfolk, Virginia, GameStop to wait in comfort.

Still, comparatively, even the PS5-induced madness is nothing relative to some of the gruesome injuries and even deaths which resulted from Black Fridays over the years.

Sony has promised that the PS5, which is experiencing stock shortages among the unprecedented demand, will be restocked at retailers before the end of the year. 

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