Sony is Reportedly Offering Refund to PS4 Users Following an Outrage for Cyberpunk 2077

Sony faced a lot of backlash from fans all over as PS4 failed to run Cyberpunk 2077 as the studio had advertised it. Some Reddit users claimed that Sony handed them refunds, however, the company has not offered any public statement on the matter so far. The situation continues to turn worse as frustrated fans are venting their feelings on social media platforms.

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Reddit users narrated their story on the public forum

Many users shared their stories on the platform, claiming that they were refunded for the amount after they raised their grievances with

“I had to file a support claim online and sit on hold for over an hour to speak with someone, however, they were quick to issue the refund and then delete the game from my library.”

Another user claimed that after they followed up on the things that were shared on the subreddit, they also recovered the amount after spending some time with the support staff and explaining their situation.

“Spent an hour on the phone after being denied by Chatbot and I got my refund! Shout out to u/SirPanic12 for the advice on mentioning the game crashing and not being able to progress further. That’s pretty much all I had to say.”

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Sony is still tight-lipped about the whole situation and has offered no comments regarding Cyberpunk 2077 performance issues on previous-gen consoles. The game seems to struggle especially on the base PS4, which was released nearly 7 years ago. Fans have been waiting for an answer from the company, as the most awaited game of the decade is failing to deliver on the base PS4 owners.

CDPR recently released a comprehensive patch on Friday to address the performance issues. The dev released the update to address not just the performance side of things, but also a certain section that triggered an epileptic attack.

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