Third-grader takes first place in national Mullet Championship

This Texan is too young to work (or rage), but still he knows to put business in the front and party in the back.

Third-grader Jaxson Crossland is just 8 years old but has already grown an award-winning ‘do: The Celeste, Texas, native recently took home the gold at the 2020 Kids Mullet Championships contest.

“Jax has been just ecstatic since winning,” the impressively maned boy’s mom, Zoie Shepard, told CNN. “It’s been so great to be able to enter him into something that celebrates what makes him different.”

Jax and his curly mullet had some fierce competition from other American youngsters, including from 7-year-old Coloradoan Jude’s ombre flame-colored “Modern Mullet,” (which took home the bronze) 1-year-old Tennesseean Archie’s “Tennessee Top Hat,” and 9-year-old Californian Barrett’s “Covid Campershell.”

Tens of thousands of people weighed in to democratically crown Jax’s look the best in show.

“The contest has blown up with over 20,000 votes from all over the country!” and over 50,000 reactions on social media said Kevin Begola, USA Mullet Championships president, in a press release. “It has been truly amazing to see these kids get all the spotlight,” he continued, adding, “During these tough times it’s important to have fun. This is exactly what 2020 needed!”

In addition to getting the title and $500 prize money (and a gift card package to a local business in Fenton, Michigan, where the contest is based), Jax has also garnered a cult of local celebrity from the win. “It’s been so awesome for Jax, people recognize him everywhere now,” Shepard added.

Jax, who used the cash to take boxing classes and invest in boxing gear, has “enjoyed every second of,” the experience, said Shepard.

The youngster is somewhat inhibited by his age, however, as he has yet to learn vital skills to appease his adoring fans. “I can’t give autographs right now, ’cause I don’t know cursive,” he told CNN when asked about how his mullet’s new status makes him feel.

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