Woman catches date scrolling through Bumble via reflection in his glasses

If you’re gonna scout for women on dating sites while you’re on another date, leave your reflective glasses at home.

One dude didn’t and now is being shamed — online — for being such a cad.

Instead of paying attention to his companion, 23-year-old TikTok user @ppidhebwklwosjwpqlqmbdb, the shlubby guy opted to fiddle with his phone, the Daily Mail reported.

Studying the phone’s reflection in the man’s glasses, the woman realized he was checking out prospects on the dating app Bumble.

She posted a video of the surreal scene — her unimpressed face, the reflection in the man’s glasses and a close-up of the reflection — to her TikTok account, simply writing “I wish I was kidding.”

In no time at all, the vid racked up more than 460,000 views.

The video begins on her unamused-looking face in what appears to be a restaurant. She then flips the screen to show her date, a mustached man in a black hoodie and glasses.

Now, the post is marked “private,” but the Daily Mail caught a few of the reactions.

“The fact that he’s on his phone in the first place,” wrote one. And from another: “Pack it up dollar store Julien.”

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